So, yea. You sit there thinking that nothing could ever get possibly worse and then blammmm
you get hit with a new and improved shiny huge pile of shit.

this is the type of shit that you see on infomercials, just for three easy payments of making you suffer a lil bit more this product can be yours!!!!!

all major credit cards accepted we will eve accept cash on delivery!

Well that happens to be enough sarcasm for now. So i wake up later then i wanted too but eh it happens i get showered and dressed for work, grab a mt dew and i head out the door.

I get my car ready, jump in and start going, make a right turn hear a loud clunking noise. press the gas and my car doesn’t go. The engine revs, the car does everything its suppose to do when you hit the gas, except on major thing…. it doesnt fucking go anywhere like its suppose too. i manage to get it off the main road and put it in park and it starts drifting backwards.

hmmm, not good. tow truck shows up, takes me and the car home and there it sits, waiting…….

waiting for me to just call someone to take it out to the pasture and fucking shoot it.

it was a great car i liked it. it was a piece of shit but a piece of shit that had potential that it never got to see.

at least i got to take the obligatory im sitting in my car so ill take a picture for myspace pic. Thatll be up later today.

i took it yesterday just in time i guess.

Wow, now its back to the drawing board to find a new car.

However, i will be playing wow again later today, maybe itll take me out of this world.

Thats all.
See you tommorow.


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