See Look,

So as I sit in a park in beautiful Pittsburgh listening to the radio off of my cell phone typing this into my blackberry, so I don’t forget any thoughts from today. I sip my venti mocha frappachino.

The fact that this particular phrase has graced the screen typed by me is amazing. The last time I walked into a star bucks to do anything other then wait for someone to buy a drink has been 5 plus years. Huh. Yet here we are with my drink and my blackberry and I laugh at myself. Why you may ask, well I guess it starts when I decided that I did not want to give into major companies that were springing up and putting ma and pop shops out of business.

This goes for everything music, coffee… Etc. Well looks like that’s changed. Everything I do in life mostly evolves around corporatism. I work for a corporation I love. I use my laptop that runs on Intel and Microsoft products. I guess I’ve looked at this all wrong. This isn’t selling out. This is not giving into big business. This is surviving comfortably. There’s no need to yell sell out when I see someone driving a hummer, or SUV for any reason. Because they too are not selling out…

They too are surviving comfortably.

On to the next topic of discussion: the park at the pointe, this thing has been closed for a year or so thus far and today as I wait for my smelly but reliable transportation to show up. What do I see? A bunch of people walking around a closed park with some local officials. So let me get this straight my tax dollars go to pay to have this already beautiful park redone and I don’t even get to go in… that is unless I wish to scale the ten foot fence, then run from police when they see me doing this. Not fucking fair. Where else is one suppose to go to enjoy his coffee and type a blog.

Well before all of this happened I was walking through downtown Pittsburgh and realized that im not afraid of it at all. I can successfully walk through the city past drug dealers and thugs and bums and not even flinch. This is prolly a bad thing. I mean ill most likely get shot by standing up for myself but you know what…. To die would be the greatest adventure. To explore the unknown and not be able to speak about it or tell anyone that doesn’t know about it.

What is out there? What is on the other side? Is there another side? There are people that claim to know, but how can you ask someone that you cannot no longer speak too.

But to get back to the point at hand, I found a quote etched into a sidewalk that really started me thinking.

Life is either a great adventure or Nothing – Helen Keller

Wow, just wow. Someone that faced much looked at life as if there was a possibility that life was a big bunch of nothing. Amazing to me it is. I mean someone who overcame so much flat out said that it literally could’ve just been a waste of time. Of course she didn’t say it like that but that’s basically what she meant.

Where do I get off complaining that life is giving me shit when someone like that can over come so much and just shrug life off as being possibly nothing. Yet im here and I complain that my car died or people don’t like honesty. Makes you think.

Well, screw that noise. Life is a great adventure. And damn it I’m going to live every minute of it.

So I talked to a great friend yesterday, I explained to him that I felt that it was time for me to finally grow up. Not go out looking for instant fun and then forgetting about it the next day. I need to stop hitting and quitting. I need to stop looking for instant gratification. Etc etc etc….. so as I sit here and think about my life I realize that it’s time for me to grow up and finally start thinking about settling down. Now don’t get me wrong I know that just going out finding a girl and being like that’s it for life isn’t going to be easy. Its not an instant thing, its something that one must work at and then decide when the time is right, that hey, this is the one. This is the one that im with. This is the one that I will die beside.

Well im not saying that the search is going to start soon, but it is something ive thought about and I know that its going to be a long and treacherous journey. This is no try, Do or Do not.

I think I have to go kill some spammers now.

Until Tommorow.



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