Here i sit yet again, i have the blog box open, my fingers are moving across the keyboard. They are taking letters and forming sentences, paragraphs, complete and incomplete thoughts alike.
So what is it that im doing, am i entertaining the world…prolly not. Am i angry and this is where i come to vent…..prolly not. what i do is sit here and randomly write things that are on my mind.

W.O.W = digital crack. plain and simple.

if you start playing it and you let it draw yourself in youll be lost in a brightly colored world filled with adventure and mayhem. then before you know it two hours have gone by. Oh well, who cares. its only two hours. a bit later you look at the clock… 4 hours have gone by….nice. this game consumes you, sucks you in and keeps you there. Now when you are absolutely forced to leave the game i.e. work, school. You find yourself fiending for it trying to figure out when you can play it next and for how long.

and i wouldnt have it any other way.

so to everyone that thinks that w.o.w is bad for you i say piss off you bloody wankers….. at least im not doing drugs, hurting people, or watching porn.

You keep your addictions ill keep mine.





One Response to “Well,”

  1. Oh awesome, you play WOW? I was thinking about playing again…

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