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Day of the Hump

Posted in Uncategorized on April 30, 2008 by chachisays

Welcome Everybody to the wide world of Wednesday.

I start everyday this week wishing it was friday so that the week is over. Only to be disappointed when in fact it is not friday. it’s not like my weekends are always exciting. Some are, some are not. I deal with it. However it does mean that i dont work. Which at this point is a small break that i need to make sure i dont snap and walk out one day during the week. which would be horribly bad. So i have decided that a vacation is a must this year. Im not saying that i must flee in general that all depends on the factors included. but if anything i can at least just take a week off to lay in bed, do nothing. Shit . Exploring more parts of the city would be great at this point. I just know that if i dont take one this year ill be burned out come october.

So i sit here and think about random things that make up my life. Work, Hobbies, Dating just to name a few. My hobbies are going well thus far, just need to get into the studio to record some more music really soon. I have to get some anger and emotions out. My spongelike demeanor is almost at capicity. which means i could implode or explode on the wrong people at the wrong time. My blog is going well. only 332 days left to meet my post for every day goals. People are reading it, im writing it so its working good.

Dating is a low point for me. i have been extremely hard on myself and other people recently in my life. Everytime i think i should make a move on someone, i step back and analyze it too much to the point where i think that every situation i could have right now will fail. For one reason or another i see it happening no matter what. Therefore i dont do anything. i dont go out with the girls i like and i stay miserable, and the funny thing is i already realize this is what im doing, i just cant stop it from happening. im not bringing up any names or reasons in here. just wouldnt be fair to those involved. i dont mind talking about it, so if you think that your close enough of a friend and you think you can help then by all means message me elsewhere and ill talk to you about it. But to do it here would be mean to everyone involved, just because of my bluntly honest personality. I realize that without trying to i’ve hurt some people. To those people who are well aware of whom im referring. I’m sorry. This isnt just from recent times, i mean in general. I screwed some things up in my past. And i owe you the deepest most sincere apology one can give. take it or leave it but i put it out there.

Chachi Says: If there are so many fish in the sea, where are the Record breaking ones? Which under water cave are they Hiding in? and why the hell can’t i catch and keep one?

Til Tomorrow



You’ve got what i need.

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So it happens to be Tuesday, and today is much better then yesterday by far. Its semi nice outside, well it looks the part at least. As i sit here at work looking at the screen and attempt to think of something worth writing about other then my mindless babbling that i normally do. I sit here and realize that i have some great people in my life. I work for a great company, although the job may suck at times but whose doesnt. i sit here and think about this and try to figure out what my life would be like had things not panned out the way they did for me.

Had M&M not let me join them in the tiny apartment in pittsburgh when they moved down here, i wouldve stayed in greenville. Working a pointless job that i would hate. I would prolly spend an insane amount of time at the bar drinking away my problems. I wouldn’t know half the people that i know. And trust me, to think about that brightens my day and saddens me at the same time. I could not imagine my life not knowing the people i know now. I wouldn’t know Gail and her wonderful family. i wouldn’t know My partner in crime in NES, Rick. I wouldnt know the mayhem show guys. Just a long line of people that i wouldnt know, that im so privileged to know.

i appreciate the life that i have i really do. Im thankful for the oppurtunities that have been presented to me. Im thankful for the people that have let me into their circles. Im just thankful for everything.

On the other side of this topic. What would have happened if i wouldve stayed behind. I mean really, Most likely the above prolly wouldve happened. However theres the other side of the coin. I mean i couldve went to Theil, i most likely wouldve taken business something or other. I couldve gotten a job nearby doing something i wouldnt of minded. I mightve hooked up with a girl i like started a family and lived my life that way.

I’m happy with the way things have turned out so far. I really am. Don’t get me wrong theres nothing the matter with either of those two senerios im just happy with the way things are. and i look forward to the future.

Chachi Says: Sometimes you have to step back and look at the other side of the coin, just to make sure your happy with what you possibly could be missing out on.

Til Tommorow


Hoooray for mondays! Fuck them.

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So here we are, what can i say its Monday. I dont like today so far.

I wake up, its raining. Which means that i can’t test out my new hawk at work because it’ll fall as soon as it gets wet. So i cant figure out if work is going to be happy with it or not. it’s not like they can be that pissed off, because its fake. If i wet it its normal hair again. but if they dont care about it i know its an option for future uses.

So thus far today: My lunch was screwed up, they cant tell the difference between chicken and beef, im guessing. I ate it anyhow because i didn’t feel like calling them and bitching at them, only to wait another half hour for the right food with spit on it. So i ate the burger i didn’t want. Fucking Mondays.

Twelve calls from people that are pissed off at me because they can’t balance their checkbooks! yay!!!! lets call and yell at a rep that isn’t responsible for my money all because a bill came out and i forgot and spent all my money!!!! YAYYYYYYY!

Im also thigh deep in paper work because of new fcc regulations!!! Fuck you sirs! You keep your paper work. i do not want nor need this excess shit you throw at me. If you want these records then you contact the companies and get them your damn selves. Leave me out of it! Grrr. fucking regulations.

im done for now.

Chachi Says: “When life gives you lemons, just say ‘Fuck the lemons,’ and bail. “


Its Sunday Already!

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Well it happens to be sunday night.

I honestly don’t know what to blog about today.

Well last night I went to southside for a friends birthday. We ended up at jimmy dees for a few drinks. Gail and I were there for about 2 hours or so. Then we left and came back home for the night. Now for those of you that don’t know she is my room mate and one of the greatest friends I have. So yes I’m still available!

I got my hair cut today! I needed it done but couldn’t because I needed the pompadour do for yesterday. But today its gone and we welcome the Faux Hawk! Here’s the pics of it.

Tomorrow is monday so its back to the grind.

Chachi says: hairdos are like music, some are in for a while but then thay disappear. Who knows whatll come and go. So give it a shot while you can!

Til tomorrow



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So today has almost completely come and gone.

I woke up and left the house to go to the church. We got there and started putting everything in it’s final spots. Preparing the dressing rooms, and putting our stuff in easy to access places and roasting our asses off. The church is a church so it’s still a hot place place to be wearing a suit in the 70 degree weather.

The show was a hit, everyone loved it. And the video will be prepared and posted online. I wore my first ever pompadour courtesy of . I can finally cut my hair which will be done tomorrow. FAUX HAWK HERE WE COME!!!! This is seriously being done after church. So Sorg can kick me in the bits all he wants.

So Buddy Holly was a hit. Although people need to stop thinking of Gary Busey’s acting as Buddy when they tell me I needed to move around more. I did my research people. Senor Holly was not a huge show off performer. He stood at the mic stand played the guitar and sang that’s it. So I acted as he would’ve. And was loved.

That’s pretty much all I have to say for today!

Chachi says: A church where the Pastor is willing to dress as Marlyin Monroe, Liza Minelli, and Tina Turner is entertaining as hell and worth my time.

Until tomorrow



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Well Ladies and Gents Today is finally friday,

Let’s see whats on today’s agenda.

Well i was at work last night until 12:30ish, so what did i do you ask?
I filed about a reams worth of paper and still have about a reams worth to go. So if they dont see that as me working up to par, then i just cant win i guess. but dammit i tried.

So tonight, i have rehearsal for a show tomorrow at church, last year and this year, we have done a show where we perform music done by older musicians. Judy Garland, Janis Joplin, Liberachi, Elton John are a few from last year. I didnt perform last year i helped out alot backstage and setting everything up, running the music etc etc etc. This year however i am performing, i will be doing a two song set as Buddy Holly. I will be doing Oh Boy, and That’ll be the day, luckily we aren’t actually singing i would feel bad for destroying His music with my voice. It should be fun and there should be video, so when its up ill link you. This year we have the Blues Brothers, Frank and Nancy Sintra, Jimmy Buffett, Marlyin Monroe and Tina Turner. It should be fun.

So i had a discussion last night with my lesbians( thats actually a pet name for the pair of them). They are great, Kind, sweet and caring. Well they determined that they were dragging me to a Pride Parade. Now i kind of argued with them about this, because thats not really something i would want to do. However they kept saying that im going and that they are getting me a PFLAG shirt or a plain white shirt that says im straight. Now i dont have a problem with that at all. However i told them that i dont need a PFLAG shirt because all of the Homosexuals i know don’t need support to help them with the fact that they are gay, nor do i need support in dealing with the fact that they are gay. Now i was merely messing with them as they do to me, and i dont know why i put it in here just felt like sharing that story. They are great and i’d do anything for them, but im not so sure about the pride parade thing. That may be a lil out of my comfort range. but we shall see. While im on the gay topic i’ll plug America’s premier gay podcast

So now that i’ve covered work, Church, and Homosexuals.
I’m not really sure what else there is for me to cover.

So …….

Chachi Says: In the words of Sidney Poitier: “So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness.”

here i am!

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Good Afternoon everyone, How are we today? Good Good im glad.

So the anger and resentment is lingering a bit from yesterday. However i did get some help from nature to help me finish the day off in a decent mood. I went outside for a bit of fresh air, because of stress and anger. I was out there just feeling the wind and the rain and i glanced over and saw the brightest rainbow i had every seen. and to top it off not just the bright rainbow but also a second faint rainbow. It was a double whammy, i saw that and just realized that everything was going to work out. i tried to get a picture but only the one rainbow came out in the pic. (This is my picture by the way. i own all rights to claim it. Your allowed to steal it though. i dont mind.)
so it made me smile and so i returned to work. Today is thursday, not quite the weekend, but at least its not monday. The week is almost at an end, thank the great creator for that.

So completely unlike me i saw a horoscope that i read instead of ignoring it. I don’t read horoscopes because i think most of the time they are bullshit. but todays caught my attention and made me think.

Here it is:
You often attempt to reduce complex situations into manageable pieces through logical analysis. But now you could overreact and worry too much. It’s difficult for you to believe that any outcome could be positive, for you’ve trained yourself to be so critical. Forget about being rational for once and be ready to take a risk. You’ll never know unless you try.

Now that is todays horoscope for a virgo.

I sit here and think about that and realize that it actually fits, recently ive been sitting here and statiscally looking at certain situations and realizing that they are destined to fail horribly or not horribly depending on the particualr case. Now some of the readers will know what it is im talking about. And others will not. Im going into details here just look at what ive typed and what the horoscope said and you should see that it fits alot. So because of the information i have and the information they have in the ‘scope report. im thinking i should take it’s advice. It’s time for i to shit or get off the pot so to speak.

Time for me to decide what it is im to do.

and so i shall.

Chachi Says: Nature is a glorious thing, go outside, sit stand jump bounce walk run, it doesnt matter what you do while your out there, just take a second to look around and see how wonderful everything seems. Also dont knock something until you try it.

Until Tomorrow,

This is Chachi Says signing out