Today sucks.

Not just because i woke up on the “wrong side of the bed” not because i didn’t get enough quality sleep.

Look at the calander, 04/01/08 – April Fucking Fools day…. grrrrrr.

The day of the year where everyone feels the need to suck the life out of every gullible fucking person on the planet. Why you may ask? because it just happens to be socially accepted and expected. Fuck that noise.

With myself being one of said people this day happens to irritate the shit out of me.

It starts the same way every year. i get up, most of the time in a fantastic mood because the weather is nice. sometimes i go outside in my boxers and drink a cup of coffee or just smoke a cigerette because its a glorious morning weather wise.

Then i get prepared to trek to work. Its usually about this time that i happen to glance at a calander or listen to the radio and hear them mention the date or hear the word fools. This is when my day goes down hill and in a fucking hurry.

This happens because i know that sometime today someone is going to tell me something that makes me completely happy or sad or show any emotion at all. Then follow it with the words April fools! . Fuck you.

It always happens and it always gets me, why because im a trusting honest person, i expect people to be the same way. Im also forgetful and gullible as mentioned earlier. This combination is a bad combination on this particular day…. this is asking for trouble when it comes to people pulling pranks or misleading you to believe something that is not true.

God i hate this day.

peace out.


2 Responses to “Fools…..”

  1. Your blog is untied!I love you and I am sorry that I added to your misery! April Fools!April

  2. dude don’t worry. i didn’t sleep real well ether so today sorta sucks as well. i got pranked alright. fuck this day. most of the time when news breaks on this day it turns to 100% bullshit.

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