Ok, before i get started, i have to inform you that there will be no more swearing in my blog. i realized that sometimes certain words offend certain people. so because of this i will not be cursing via blog anymore.

So more then once in my life i have been confronted with a question of how old is too old? Is there a such thing as too old?

Now everyone should know by now what i am talking about. If not ill spell it out for you. How big of an age difference should there or should there not be in said situation. Now in all honesty age is just a number. the number of times you have made a trip around the sun.
Now should it be ok for a twenty year old to date, go out with or have sex with a 40 year old? this is just a hypothetical situation, this is not present in my real life in any way shape or form. But seriously where does one draw the line.

Lets start with some pros and cons:

Experience – both in sex and life.

Money – this isn’t necessarily true but most times older people have better jobs and more money in general.

Instinct – they are better at telling where certain things are going.

Paternal Instinct – this obviously only happens with men, but they could take very good care of them.

Maternal Instinct – they could take very good care of them.


Society – Society seems to frown on what it deems relationships that are not acceptable. i.e. age difference, race difference, homosexuals. the list goes on. However this should always be ignored. if you refuse to hang out with someone because of this then you are just another sheep.

Clinginess – Older people sometimes are looking for relationships that mean something and not just fun times. this tends to move things along quickly sometimes to quick.

Maternal Instinct – this a pro and a con more often then not back fires. while they are willing to take care of you, they are also quick to yell at you for “acting” like a child.

Paternal Instinct – see above. although this tends to be worse. effecting the dressing style and behavior both.

Kids – not always true but sometimes the older person has children from a previous relationship. depending on how old varies from experience to experience. normally not too good.

well there is just some of the pros and cons i came up with. and to be honest i dont think it matters. i have made the decision that age does not matter in a relationship. The people do.

so Chachi Says: yes 38 is a good age.

thats all for now…..

Til tommorow.



4 Responses to “Age…..”

  1. I agree with you. I hate to go here, but “biologically,” an age difference (especially older man, younger woman) seems to make sense. There is a stigma, but as you said, it depends on the people. I have plenty of friends in relationships ranging from about 8-11 years between the couple. 20-30 years might be pushing it, in my opinion, but to each his own.

  2. I knew that you were gonna go finding an 80 year old woman… Ill make sure to buy you porn and liquor!! Ps… you spelled SHEEEP wrong!!!

  3. I think it’s a maturity issue. Sometimes that age doesn’t equal the maturity level. Sometimes there’s a 40 year old less mature than an 18 year old. That’s where it syncs up, regardless. I think we both have seen people that have gone out with younger people and eventually determine they were too young and need to experience things more. I think there was almost a ten year difference with my parents, and it was a similar issue.

  4. I guess being in a homosexual relationship with someone who is 7 years your senior is bad….. O well!I agree. You are only as old or young as you feel.Ape.

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