Bits and Pieces………

Well, i’m kind of doing this blog against my will today…. I dont think i should be doing one today however i dont wish to disappoint the few people that actually do read this everyday so without further delay here is todays blog!

Today’s blog really has no structure or main theme. Theres about a million things on my mind, and i honestly dont think i could organize them enough to put them here. so heres just a few that are at the forefront.

Well lets start with the mindless complaining. I wake up this morning, im awake maybe ten mins and a 4 year old boy brings me down with a right cross straight to the meat and two potatoes, not only putting me in severe pain but also bringing tears to my eyes. its not really his fault that he is that tall and is at the perfect height to cripple any adult thats about 6 feet tall. It just so happens to be that way.

To put it bluntly not a great way to start a day, thats exactly what people mean when they ask you who pissed in your rice crispies.

So this on top of my ram adventures yesterday. This was extremely aggravating and i definately would like to be rid of the best buy company altogether. The first ram mistake was all me i will admit that completely i need to make sure i read everything when ordering ram, i got the wrong chip. all me my mistake no one to blame there. Well since i have to ship this back in order to get a refund i decided i would bite it and go to best buy so i could have it immediately. i get there and i find out that i have to talk to the geek squad. Now for those of you that dont know i HATE HATE HATE FUCKING HATE the geek squad. For more reasons then one, the main one bieng is that they wouldnt hire me. i applied had a great interview and then they said i would have to work the floor for a few months before i could be in the geek squad. Only to find out that they hire retards anyhow. i ask the dumbass window licking helmet wearing clerk at the counter for pc2700 333mhz ddr sd ram for a laptop. she says what. i respond i need ddr sdram ram for a laptop. once again huh? thats when i tell her that i need to speak to someone that knows what they are doing. this pisses her off and she says i dont need your attitude sir. this completely makes me lose it. i ask for a manger tell the manager that she is completely retarded.
i tell the manager what i need he grabs it gives it to me and walks away. i go pay for it and get home and open it before i realize that its the wrong fucking ram. Just my luck.

Chachi Says: Hey Everybody, Lets go kick me in the bits!

You also notice that i swore in this post. Yea, lets just say it didnt fucking last that long. Anger is anger. Society doesnt understand if what you say isnt monosyllabic anyhow.

Moral of the story: best buy hires retards.

Thank you and good night



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