Play me a song, Piano Man……

Sometimes i wake up in the morning, and the first thing i normally do is roll over to grab my glasses and a smoke. (please hold all lectures about smoking until the end thank you) However there are some days where i skip the glasses and the smoke and go straight for music. I cant explain it but i honestly think that sometimes i wake up without a particular mood. i wake up moodless per se.

I know what your thinking, “Aww chachi you always have an emotion of some sort” well eff that cause sometimes i dont.

so i put on a song and whatever song i put happens to set my mood for the day. Today it was piano man. I dont know why, it just happened to have been the chosen one.

and it happened to make me realize why i love music so much. You can say whatever you want to whomever you want through song. If you hate someone, theres a million songs that say just that. if you love someone there is god knows how many songs. Theres even a song to say that you think someone is ugly. (Voodoo Glow Skulls – Ugly stick – just in case you were wondering)

Right now im watching a six year old girl sing “Somewhere over the Rainbow” you can youtube it if your curious but she is more talented then most people could ever be, and its amazing to see her belt this tune out. And at the same time it fits, because she is singing that particular song.

So i sit here composing a list of songs to listen too for all emotions. it stretches all genres. and it should be a great list.

Eh who knows.

Also if theres something you want me to cover or you just want to send me a message that No one else can see, you can email me at

Chachi says: Try it, it cant hurt. Unless its bungee jumping and the cord breaks.

Peace out

See you monday.


One Response to “Play me a song, Piano Man……”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    We think very similarly…This should scare you. Music has the power to completely change/decide my mood as well. Along the lines of “Piano Man”, I’ve always found that song very moving for one reason or another. It was written by Mr. Joel based on his life before he was “discovered”, and if you think about the lyrics…He really does what he does because he loves it. I’m sure the fame and mass fortune doesn’t hurt his cause either. I watched an interview with him once, and he explained how, in his mind, music is the most powerful thing in the world because it can alter moods, bring people together, evoke emotion, etc.. If only everyone could be like Billy Joel…

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