So this blog is coming to you from a remote location.

As i sit here typing before i go out to the bar with some friends, ive realized that not only does technology run my life but that sometimes you need to step back and unplug yourself sometimes. Now im not saying that this is something that i like to do alot but it has been a lil nice. Not having to check the phones (yes plural, blackberry work leash and personal cell phone.) all day long, not feelinfg compelled to check and respond to emails, myspace events, instant messages etc, etc, etc.

Now dont get me wrong im a technology whore, i love technology its my life personal and work. I mean come on i work for an internet comapany. What says techno junkee more then that??? Nothing.

Im not quite sure where i was going with this, but felt like saying it.

Once again don’t misinterpret what im saying here, i miss my friends and fans(people who read the blog on a daily basis, hence the reason i felt compelled to do this one.) But every once in a while i need to unplug and stop letting the technology run my life. Unplug my self. Step back and recharge the batteries.

Chachi says: That although technology runs the world and everything in it, doesnt mean that it controls you and what you do.

As per usual if you want to contact me, ask me questions, comment on what i said, or just say hey, email me at chachisays@gmail.com or just leave a comment here it will not go unread.

Until Next time.



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