plugging back in.

And snap back back to reality. I have returned to real life. I have plugged myself back in per se. Working cell phones, on demand television( I had that all weekend but not as good as comcast) and last but not least the dreaded work week. Although it pays the bills and that’s what matters the most.

So sitting here and looking back at the weekend I can’t complain about anything at all. Actually I can complain about the broken moniter on my lappy but that happened before I left so it doesn’t count.

A weekend like this really makes you think about the path you choose in life. I moved away from there shortly after graduation. I had to get away from that place just because I felt cramped. So I left and moved to pittsburgh. Started over. I can say that I created something for myself here and its a 180 from what wouldve happened back home. In pittsburgh I’m single child free and semi successful thus far. Back home I would be working a job I wouldn’t like, prolly married, or at least a father. See what I mean about a 180. Completely different spectrums.

However I did happen to manage to only run into a few people I knew at the bar which made it good. I sit back and reflect on everything I did this weekend and I chalk it up as a good weekend. That I am defintely do more often.

Now before I end this blog, there’s a few things I need to say.

To the people I ran into at the bar saturday, it was awesome seeing you again and our paths will cross again I promise.

To Erin, thank you for everything, the hospitality you showed me, and the pulled pork that was fucking awesome. Also for the bar hopping fun in the dead town. I’m glad you kept me around.

To Greenville, the inanimate object that can’t read my blog thanks for the love old friend. I know I doubted you and I’m sorry. You were always and will always be home. My roots, my stomping ground.

That’s all I can think to say right now.

Chachi says that although you may not have liked it.
Its home and it will always be there for you.

Til tommorow

Later gators.


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