Wait, What was i saying?

Well Monday is here, im back into the everyday grind. and my attention span is that of a goldfish.

i keep trying to do things, get halfway through them and forget what the hell it was that i started doing or why.

Theres a million things i want to do today and with the beautiful weather the last thing i wish to be doing is work. Dont get me wrong, there is a good chance that i would most likely spend a day like this leveling my toon on wow or beating a high score on guitar hero or something inside. but theres also a chance that i would be sitting in a park doing this there or drinking a nice beverage and enjoying the day and sights. But regardless of what i would like to be doing, im sitting at work. Not that it bothers me all that much just not what im in the mood to do today

Speaking of sights, there are alot of people that take for granted the amazing sights in this city, and i mean alot. They just walk by, not even looking around as if one could get sick of seeing this city. I mean the view from the overlooks on Grandview ave, i can honestly say that i will never get sick of seeing that. Its amazing, to be up so high and literally see the majority of the city with the sun hitting it, or taking the trolley into the city in the morning and seeing the fog at the tops of the buildings, b-e-a-utiful. What else can i say about it. the hill under the inclines and glancing over to see the sights makes everything worth it.

So this week i have IRA training and although it gets confusing, im looking forward to it. This just means that i am improving myself in some way. Im learning something new that will help me become more successful. Now handling peoples money is not something i thought i would ever be doing but ill do whatever it takes to make sure that im betttering my self at all times.

Im not quite sure what else i could say in this post, my mind is kind of all the place, not sure what im supposed to be doing. i just know that im getting closer.

Chachi Say: stop walking by with your eyes closed, if you dont open them you may hit a wall….hard.

Im hot cause im fly, you aint cause your not, this is why, this is why, this is why im hot.

LMAO Nah, it just came on.



One Response to “Wait, What was i saying?”

  1. You have the most random blog ever. But I guess it is a tribute to you, my dear Chachi!Don’t be anxious. You are just going to be responsible for thousands maybe millions of dollars. 🙂Ape

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