Good morning and welcome to the wide world of hblogging I’m you host chachi cosell. Yea not really but what’s up all the same.

Now I’m going over all this stuff in my head random thoughts as usual and just start typing away on the blackberry. I have ira training the rest of the week so my blogs will be coing from here.

To be honest I already wrote a blog for today that will prolly never see the light of day. The main reason is becaise people ask too many questions and I didn’t want to answer them.

Now before I get into it all names and details have been left out of this story for privacy reasons. Don’t bother asking any questions because I won’t answer them. Get it? Got it? Good!

I’ve noticed something in rlationships that has really started to piss me off.that would be the unfair balance of power. In some that I see I noticed that one party has taken control and rules worse then a czar or something.

Now this is different then then one party giving up control. In that situation niether party takes real advantage of the power but it is implied that thay have it we will call this situation the passing of the pants.

Now see the difference between the two situations? I mean to take control and do stuff just because your a bitch and don’t realize it is evil just plain satanicesqe evil. Now me personally I’m quick to give up the pants in relationships. I’m not lazy and its not that I don’t care, but if I’m in a relationship with someone then that means I like them more then other people and I’m willing to give them control as to where it goes. But you start getting evil or psycho on me and ill be out faster then the mexicans that hit my car.

Chachi says: too much power isn’t always a bad thing, just depends on whose hand its in.

That’s what’s happening around the globe. Let’s see what’s going on in your neck of the woods.



One Response to “weirdness”

  1. I read the nast line of your blog and was like,” where ahve i heard that before?”The pants should be big enough that you both can wear them. Like really big.Ape

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