I’m sorry you’ve been voted out of the office.

Ok ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another blackberry typed exciting edition of my blog. Let’s start today off with some audience participation. Raise your hand if you ever seen survivor…(All but a few hands go up) now keep yopur hands up if you like you like survivor….(A majority of the hands are still up). Great, now keep your hands up if you always wanted to play survivor…(This is the fewest amount of hands yet but still a decent number). What if I told you that if you work in a office then you are already playing survivor. And I know your thinking what the fuck are you talking about chachi????

Ok, so in every office has a set of alliances that they form when new people come or old people go. These alliances happen to weed out those that shouldn’t be there. I’m not saying that to be mean just being honest. But sometimes people get hired that don’t work out. They just don’t work well in the set team. The goal of a company is to hire people that maximize the chance of achieving the companies goals.

Now more often then not this is taken too far. It gets split up further and even the bosses take sides. The whole process is not good depending on what side you end up on. People get fired and hired depending on which side the boss is on. You will know which group it is by the one going out and having more fun. Or the ones invited over for video games and beer over the weekend.

Now sometimes like the situation I work in, the alliance is just a way to get rid of dumb people or people that only care about themselves. However I have noticed as of late that there is another few groups forming. Sales vs. Billing and call center vs. Engineering. These battles are often ugly and drawn out so they are not good.

Its not fun and ruins the day often, unless your not in it. Then its fun to sit back and watch the bloodshed. While no one loses their jobs over this because of the overall group we have formed. Its still not good for obtaining our goals. And it makes for a stressful day usually having someone dragged into it more then once.

Its never fun and causes people to drink. Or quit and ruins the team. U g l y you aint got no alibi its ugly yea yea its ugly.

Chachi says: although survivor, May seem like a fun game. More often then not your just going to get swallowed alive.

Until tommorow.



3 Responses to “I’m sorry you’ve been voted out of the office.”

  1. So true. As my company has grown, this all seems to be happening, but everyone gets torn apart when they’re not around. It’s really interesting and I’m waiting for something to break.

  2. We already talked about this yesterday. I was the inspiration today.I’m really frustrated and i am not o good at the double entendres and skirting around the names of those who frustrate me.Until tomorrow indeed.Ape.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    all that i can think of is…”Assemble Super Friends!!”

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