Awake Before The Birds!

Good morning blog readers! It’s a lil after 6 am and I’m starting todays blog. I know what your thinking, but chachi whay are you up so early!!! Well since the death of my car I’ve been requried to take a bus. That doesn’t bother me much because I don’t have an issue with pat. Its cheap and easy. With the exception getting to my place of employment which is out past carnegie. So because of this I have to be up early to catch the bus on time.

Anyhow I kind of like this sometimes. It allows me to clear my head of thoughts and join the mindless shuffle. For a little bit its like your a zombie. Just walking blankly forward. Or you can find a nice place to sit back and watch them all walk by.
And although there is a lot of noise this is one of the quietest places you can find.

Ones ability to get lost in their thoughts and mind are astonding. You are amongst so many people but your oh so alone. This is when I do my best thinking. Clearing my head of thoughts while normally I wouldn’t have the time. And I sit rethinking my decisions over the week. Thus far I think the choices I made were the right ones.

I can honestly say that this week was by far the most responsible week I prolly have had. As you all have gathered so far I have had ira training all week. Also I’ve had to work on top of this. I played only an hour of wow so far this week. I iwsh it couldve been more but I knew I needed to sleep. And I’ve been eating healthier this week. Work has been providing breakfast and lunch this week. It has been full of healthy food and crap food also. And for some reason I’ve been tempted to eat the fruit and toast rather then the cheese eggs and bacon. Odd for me because the taste of vegetables and some fruits just doesn’t do it for me.

I don’t know if this is just my taste changing or my body telling me that it finally thinks that its time for me to stopping acting like a complete child when it comes to life. Either way I’m in. Please don’t misinterpret what I’m trying to say. Ill still act like an ass in front of my friends and have a good time when we get together or go out. Just not when it comes to me be being healthy.

So first eating habits then the smoking. According to a wise friend, the feeling to smole went away after four days. So I need someone to lock me in a closet or basement for four days or so. I dunno. Or should I? Who knows. My friends will tell me what they think.

Well I think that’s about all I can think of to write today. To my friends that know where I will be, I shall see you there. To the friends I didn’t tell. Sorry I’ve had a lot on my mind.

Chachi says: as fun as it is to stay and act like a kid. That’s how much more fun it’ll be to act like an adult. Kids can’t drink and blast 80’s music.

Time to watch the sun rise!

peace out see you monday. … Psyche!

See you tommorow.



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