Silent Sunday

Well good afternoon blog readers. I’m sitting in a remote location typing this and listen to people fight for control in something that doesn’t matter really.
I’m not really sure what the topic of this blog is today but here I sit typing away on the mini qwerty keyboard that I have grown to love and has seen the majority of my blogs.

This weekend has been a great weekend compared to past weekends and this past week. I have met so many great and entertaining people that I had been talking to on twitter. Nerdtastically awesome weekend, the 80’s party on friday at the treehouse for ann’s birthday. Then the Magic the Gathering summit on saturday with great host thatnight and dj lunchbox.

I can honestly say that it is things like this that make me glad I’ve embraced my nerdiness more then any other traits I have. We had tons of fun playing and conversing about everything under the sun. I have no idea what time everyone finally dispersed however I do know that it was most likely fun til the end.

So I take this moment to thank those that I met and those that embraced me as part of the group. Although you barely know me. It touches me greatly. To know that there are still people that exist that are this kind and careing is awesome. So thank you all. And you shall see me in public more then I usually would be.

That’s all I really have for today. I’m going to go relax and enjoy the rest of my sunday.

Chachi say: why waste your time in the house hiding and being afraid of rejection. If you are going to hide how are you suppose to meet the people that could impact your life.

Until tommorow.



One Response to “Silent Sunday”

  1. See? THIS is why the PGH New/Social media crowd is superior to all others… Embrace that nerdiness! Though I think it’s more of a geeky thing… Glad you had a good weekend!Oh… and you just lost 50 points for calling me a loudmouth…. 50 points for each instance. Tsk, tsk.

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