Good afternoon True believers.

Thank you for coming back to see what i had to write today.

So after the weekend ive noticed how epic the battle between smokers and non smokers has grown to be.

The smokers are fighting for freedom to do what we want, which for the most part is what this country was based on, with exceptions. However we want to be left alone to poison ourselves in our way. The non smokers want a cleaner environment in public. This includes everything making smokers lives a living hell. You cant smoke here. We dont want you to smoke in the bar while your drinking, or after you finish eating in a diner. Hey guess what you cant smoke in the hotel room your paying for. You there with the cigarette how dare you walk 10 feet near me and smoke. You are a bad person for doing that.

Now dont get so bent out of shape non smokers, this is the part of the blog where i support your side of the debate.

As a smoker i know how annoying it is to get hit in the face with smoke when your not smoking. I know how annoying it is to be eating and have someone smoking at the same table. As a smoker i know this is annoying and bothers people. Which is why i dont do it. I have no problem when someone says you have to go outside to smoke. I have no problem not smoking while someone is eating. I have no problem respecting the requests from non smokers.

Now this whole topic was brought up by some new friends. They asked in an evil type way, im not mad that they did i just wanted to make it clear that i couldnt answer their question. They asked, If your hot ass girlfriend asked you to quit smoking wouldnt you do it? So i responded that i couldnt answer that questions for two reasons. Number one i dont have a hot ass girlfriend. Number two im not in that situation. i also told them that its a request that the girlfriend could make however they couldnt be pissed if it didnt get filled. Because both should like the others good and bad traits.

So after thinking about this for the past two days, Here is my announcement.

Starting tommorow im going to quit smoking.

So its because of this, That i must take a moment to apologize in advanced. i just know that i will be cranky and edgy and prolly just plan bitchy. SO to those that i will talk to im sorry.

But lets see if i can kick this shit now.

Do or Do not there is no try. We shall see about that.

Chachi Says: that there are alot of debates in which both parties are right and wrong in their argument. No matter the topic. You just have to learn to accept that you too can be wrong.

Peace out.


3 Responses to “Wow…..”

  1. What caused you to make the decision, though? Was it the questions people asked, or the idea of a hot girlfriend waiting for you once you’re a non-smoker, or something else?I’ve never smoked, but I did try to learn and I found it changed the flavor of things big-time. Especially drinks. So hopefully, although you may be cranky, at least everything will start to taste better.I’m rooting for you.

  2. Thanks for the Support! I have actually been considering this for a while now. So after thinking it over, it boils down to wanting to be healthier in the long run. I cant wait to see how everything taste!

  3. YEA!I am very happy for you. I hope that you truely can kick the habit. When you would have needed a smoke break, we can still go outside and breathe in fresh air. together. 🙂Yea. Smoke free ChaChi!Ape.

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