Day 1 or Post 18 depending on how you look at it….

Good afternoon friends, fellow bloggers, random visitors.

Well today is blog number 18, day 1 of no smoking. yea… stuff.

Im honestly not as edgy as i thought i would be, the cravings are pretty much tearing me apart. I wish to have a smoke, however my supporters are telling me other things to do. Drink different beverages, chew new gum. So i shall the stock value in the gum market is going to go up because of me and my gum purchases. i also have to state that the Stride gum commercials are fucking lies!!!!
Please chew a new piece blah blah blah SHUT UP! the flavor doesn’t last all that long you liars!
But i do smell Minty and Fresh so its working in the long one.

I actually didn’t have any cravings until i got to work and started dealing with the retarded customers. Which leads me to believe that if it wasnt for customers my life would be fantastic, no smoking no stress. just sitting and relaxing all day. Once i got to work and people came over and started asking me if i wanted to go smoke that didn’t help so much either. i made it to work in a car full of smoking people with out wanting or needing a cigarette. However i am bouncing around alot. So the journey continues!

On to my next topic; blog hits. I want to thank my avid readers for continuing to stop by and check out what i have to say. Its fantastic to know and see how many it actually it is.
Yesterday i went to type in the blog address on a new computer to check to see if i recieved any new comments. I fat fingered it and hit an extra key or something and it brought up the google search. And low and behold i see that my blog is the first and second listings when you search Chachi Says on google. And it didnt cost me anything at all. Which means that enough people have googled me that im the most popular search with the words. It’s great to know that it’s noticed.

So therefore i promise you the readers 365 blogs in 365 days. im on 18 so theres a long way to go but short of death, you can be sure that there will be a new blog up everyday. if i break both hands ill hire someone to type for me or get a voice recognition program so i can just speak it and have it there.

Well its about one pm, my gum lost flavor over the typing of this blog….long lasting my ass! See what i mean how can they say that and have the flavor disappear over a 10 min span. Its not like i was speed chewing, i was chewing a piece of gum. So if anyone knows of some good longer lasting gum LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!

Chachi Says: Quitting smoking may be healthier for me in the long one, however it may not be healthy for my customers short term. Also someone needs to regulate commercials to stop them from lying to us.

Thanks for reading.



One Response to “Day 1 or Post 18 depending on how you look at it….”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The FCC regulates commercials from lying or falsifying claims. This however, can only happen if: a) a watchdog group, b)a company, or c)the public contact them stating that the commercial is not truthful.

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