Hmm. well see, it kinda happened like this.

Welcome back for more of my random, nonsensical, mindless babbling that i call a blog.

So if you have been keeping track, today is day three and actually post 21 of the blog. The other day when i had said it was 18, that wasn’t counting the new one. So now that I’ve corrected myself we can move on.

However Day 3 is here and half way through. Today I’m doing a lot better then i thought i would be. The urges are coming in very few now. Theres some parts of the day that im having a hard time getting through. First thing in the morning, after a meal, right before bed etc etc etc.
I went out to lunch today with a friend just a quick bite to eat, and actually had to refuse going to a denny’s. This about killed me. I love Denny’s coffee and i like the diner environment. I love small mom and pop shops the best however Denny’s works well. I said no to Denny’s because it wouldn’t be the same. Sitting there with coffee lunch and an ashtray, bullshitting and smoking away. This is one of many things i miss about it. Certain activities seemed to be pulled together to a completion when you smoked a cigarette. Not now. Not yet at least I’m hoping that i will be able to get back to certain activities with out feeling the pull to grab a smoke. And sitting at work the whole day without taking a smoke break has actually increased my productivity, and i can still take “smoke breaks” they just involve me sitting by the beautifully large coy pond, tossing the bread from my lunch in and popping another piece of gum. Relaxing yes in a way. Does it replace smoking, sadly not.

So as i sit here and type this blog for today i recount most of the stuff that has already happened today, and i think that over all it’s been a pretty good day. I test drove the next car that i’ll own, spent time with a friend that because of schedules has happened as much as it once did. Had lunch with said friend. Also had funny ass discussion that are quite entertaining. Like what would happen if every talked in Pg 13 language. You know instead of cursing if everything was changed to fudge, frickin, what the flock. so on and so far. and we decided that it would make everything quite entertaining. i mean, customer calls in upset because they are not smart enough to balance their check books, and blame me for posting the charge that made them bounce. Customer: Why the fudge did you frickin charge my gosh darn debit card without my mother flocking permission!!!! Cheese and Rice your Phony Bologna Company made my account overdrawn!
See that was entertaining, i honestly laughed my ass off writing that. Fun!

I’m not sure what the point of today’s blog is i honestly don’t really have one. I just started typing it to see what would come out. It was more then i thought it would be. Once again, i sit at my desk listening to music surfing the net awaiting customers to yell at me. If you like hip hop i recommend A record label started by soldiers in Iraq, i like Soldier Hard. He is respectable and talented. If your not a hip hop fan, they have rock and country. This is all military groups from all divisions of the military. A portion of all sales goes to military charities.

Chachi Says: How can one miss something that was killing them. It doesn’t really make sense, but then again what does in this life.




One Response to “Hmm. well see, it kinda happened like this.”

  1. I like the orbit commercial where they talk all in PG13 terms.“You lint licker!”Good blog. 🙂I’ll go get us coffee now.Ape.

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