So this one day…….

Glorious Glorious TGIF to each and everyone of us.

Well friends its been a looooooooooooong week. Long week indeed. I’m no longer a smoker, i didn’t kill anyone in the process, i didn’t lose my job in the process, and i’m pretty sure i’m stronger, Scratch that i am stronger for doing this. And i honestly couldnt have done it without my new media support team and personal friends. Thank you all each and every one of you.

On to todays events. Well if you haven’t noticed my blog is coming to you a bit later then per usual. Well i work for a company that treats us well. Every quarter we meet our goals and every quarter we go out and have fun. Today was one of those days, we took lunch in station square’s Hard Rock outside by the fountain, hung out and did nothing there for a bit. Then we took our limo bus to the science center to see the bodies exhibit. This was really cool. Seeing the parts of the body preserved and on display and what they actually look like instead of a artist model of what it looks like. seeing the muscles in place and in action poses was great as well. Then we came to the lungs and like every place they had a set of smokers lungs so after they lecture the smokers about smoking and continue to assault each and everyone of us. I announce that i gave up smoking and it ceased. They congratulated me and said it was about time.

Well after leaving the museum and hanging out outside for a bit more i came in to get caught up with todays work that i had missed because of the field trip. Mountains upon Mountains of orders that had come in while we were gone. so i pounded those out and here i sit. Working on some side projects and taking my time with it. It happens to be a glorious day outside so every once in a while ill go for a walk outside as i put in a new piece of gum and chew away. Enjoying the sun and sounds while i just walk. no reason for it other then me getting away from my desk instead of me going to smoke while i was away from my desk. I feel more relaxed, less wired. the only downside is i feel tired now that i dont have the extra caffiene from the smokes.

So tomorrow starts a brand new life.

Chachi Says: Things in your life can get better, job money relationship…. Shouldnt you be healthy enough to enjoy them?

until tomorrow,

Its friday, Have fun you crazy kids. Be careful!



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