Saturday oh Saturday

Saturday what can we say about thee that hasn’t already been said.

You are sometimes a day of relaxing, sometimes a day of work. Sometimes a pleasant mixture of both. I had goals set for today. Most of them have been met some have yet to be met. I woke up and tended to yard work. First mowing and weed wacking or the season.

I know that for some this doesn’t seem all that exciting but this year I decided to attempt to have a beautiful lawn. Which means seeding brown spots constant watering. Just treating it nicely. So I shall bought the seeds and spreader today. Plan to use them before it rains so that I don’t have to water. Also today I moved and prepared a bunch of junk for the trash men to take.

They are going to hate me but this is payback. Bitch at me because I’m putting out non approved items for trash. Screw you! I checked the regulations before I put it out! Stop bitching and do your job! Wah wah I’m lazy I get paid well to whine about peoples garbage. Hehe sorry I’m a lil bitter.

Then birthday party then drywall. The drywalling is for our neighbor who needed help. They are nice to us so I return the favors. There will be a pic later of a dry wall patch. Just to show that drinking and drywalling does work. So that’s two of three things done. The next thing is playing video games. I’m thinking xbox or ps2 boxing or guitar hero. Not sure yet!

That’s all I have for you today.

Chachi says: some saturdays are made for work. Some saturdays are made for play. No matter what the day’s plans are. The moral is: A saturday is a bad thing to waste.

See you tommorow!



One Response to “Saturday oh Saturday”

  1. Is there anything good in your trash? Maybe E and I will come and ransack your cans. 🙂See you Monday.Ape.

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