Fly me to the Moon…..

So, It’s monday, back to the normal grind. I have to start by apologizing for the short post yesterday but i was really short on time.

Here i sit in my home away from home, my desk at work. Book is open, music is playing. I’m getting stuff done today. Productivity is at an all time high. That was until i started typing this blog. Then everything stopped. Doesnt matter though. not at all. So coffee, my friend Frankie S beautifully singing some great tunes.

Im easily distracted today, i turned on some sinatra and got completely distracted and forgot what i was doing. I’m kinda sad that i was born too late to see some of these people in person. I’ve heard stories of Sinatra playing a 3 hour show, taking a 20 min break, coming back out and playing another hour or more. Dedication, thats the word that describes the musicians of the past. They weren’t doing it for money, they were doing it because it made them happy to entertain people. Your lucky if you can get more the 90 mins out of the pop stars in todays music scene. I realize that its hard work. But its still worth seeing the fans happy.

The updated injury list from this weekends workathon include 3 cuts on my right hand not deep or bad in anyway. 2 cuts on my left hand and a swollen thumb. Thats what tends to happen when you give an accident prone person some tools and say i need this stuff taken apart for the trash guys. i successfully hit my left hand 4 times with the hammer the first three were not bad at all the forth is what did it. i put the hammer down, and walked away. i had enough injury for that task. But other then that, fantastic.

I lost an epic battle this weekend with a dishwasher. It came it saw, the inanimate object whooped my ass. All i had to do is connect one tube to two places and i failed miserably the dishwasher took me to hell and back, i still have yet to conquer it. I should prolly go level up before attempting in again, but i dont mind resing to get back to the battle to try again. ha ha.

Thats all i really have today. so i leave you with the following.

Fly Me to the moon, let me play among the stars…… let me see what spring is like on a-jupiter and mars….

Chachi Says: Are we really to the point in our society that even the musicians that “love” what they do are too lazy to put forth the extra effort for the fans. if we are give me the 50’s any day.

Til next time.



3 Responses to “Fly me to the Moon…..”

  1. I <3 Frankie. You've put me in the mood for him, and I think when I get home, I'll sip some whisky and put on his greatest hits.Thanks 🙂

  2. Re: Victoria.Whiskey and Sinatra sound like a grand evening to me.

  3. I was just talking to Elissa about how cool it would be to go to a music festival and see Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Blondie,and The Pretenders. I would pee my pants to see one of those acts.Give me the 70’s any day.Ape.

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