A boy on the Town

One time a few years ago there was a boy graduating from high school. He didn’t like his hometown so much, it was a place that was on a very fast downward spiral. This was happening because of all the main industries being moved to cheaper places. it was steel industries and train plants, They all moved to Mexico for every reason possible.

So here he was 18, fresh out of high school, ready to take on the world. So what did he do? The boy called his friends in The Steel City. Said hey, can i come down for a few days. And the rest was history. Once he saw that view the boy had found his new home. With such sites and the skyline what more do you need. Within the week, he learned how to navigate the bus and trolly system so that he could find a job. Which he also accomplished.

So on the eve of the primary election day in Pennsylvania the primary that will decide who the democratic candidate for the presidency this year. And i look back at the time i have spent in this city, i don’t regret a single day. Not at all. I’ve been to some of the bigger cities in this country and None i mean None, have a better looking skyline then Pittsburgh.

Leaving the city and coming back is always worth it for the shot of the skyline you get as you reenter its like seeing a long lost friend after 5 or so years. I may not be a Steelers or Pirates fan but i will die a Penguins fan. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. They are right, here is one of the most beautiful pictures of the skyline i have ever seen, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the sight itself.

This pic is not mine, i do not take credit for it in any way shape or form.

so i leave you with this thought for today.

Chachi Says: They say you can never go home again. I was never quite sure if that meant to live or to visit. However after moving here, They never said you couldn’t make another home someplace esle. Pittsburgh Home Sweet Pittsburgh.

Don’t Forget to Vote!

Til Tomorrow



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