Looks like someone has a case of the Wednesdays……

Well it’s wednesday, and a shitty one at that. Just so much shit going on that i can’t get myself straight.
well it’s all up from here i guess.

You ever notice how when someone has something bad to say about you when it comes to your performance at work they tell you not to take it the wrong way. “take this as constructive criticism” “Use this and build off of it” “We know your good at this but we’ve noticed…..” That type of stuff. its not really a bad thing. I understand where they are coming from, ive been feeling kind of burnt out. Running on half cylinders. that type of thing. So now i have to find the energy to run at full speed at all times just to keep everyone happy.

Have you ever noticed at who bitches about why shit are like they are in their lives? i have. Its kind of funny. its the people that dont try. They expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. i mean there are times where certain things happen to certain people that doesn’t seem fair at all. and that sucks ass, but there are always people around willing to help these people. Why is that you may ask? well it is because they would return the favor without being asked. without being begged, without thinking twice about it at all. Meanwhile you have people who do nothing to improve their situation in life yet they sit there and bitch about it all day everyday, looking for handouts. and you know what most of the time they get it.

Im not sure what brought that on, just felt the need to get it out.

I honestly cant think of much else to say today, but i promise you a fuller blog tommorow.

Chachi Says: that everyonce in a while you need to step back and slow it down a bit. Whether people like this or not it has to happen.

Til Tommorow



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