here i am!

Good Afternoon everyone, How are we today? Good Good im glad.

So the anger and resentment is lingering a bit from yesterday. However i did get some help from nature to help me finish the day off in a decent mood. I went outside for a bit of fresh air, because of stress and anger. I was out there just feeling the wind and the rain and i glanced over and saw the brightest rainbow i had every seen. and to top it off not just the bright rainbow but also a second faint rainbow. It was a double whammy, i saw that and just realized that everything was going to work out. i tried to get a picture but only the one rainbow came out in the pic. (This is my picture by the way. i own all rights to claim it. Your allowed to steal it though. i dont mind.)
so it made me smile and so i returned to work. Today is thursday, not quite the weekend, but at least its not monday. The week is almost at an end, thank the great creator for that.

So completely unlike me i saw a horoscope that i read instead of ignoring it. I don’t read horoscopes because i think most of the time they are bullshit. but todays caught my attention and made me think.

Here it is:
You often attempt to reduce complex situations into manageable pieces through logical analysis. But now you could overreact and worry too much. It’s difficult for you to believe that any outcome could be positive, for you’ve trained yourself to be so critical. Forget about being rational for once and be ready to take a risk. You’ll never know unless you try.

Now that is todays horoscope for a virgo.

I sit here and think about that and realize that it actually fits, recently ive been sitting here and statiscally looking at certain situations and realizing that they are destined to fail horribly or not horribly depending on the particualr case. Now some of the readers will know what it is im talking about. And others will not. Im going into details here just look at what ive typed and what the horoscope said and you should see that it fits alot. So because of the information i have and the information they have in the ‘scope report. im thinking i should take it’s advice. It’s time for i to shit or get off the pot so to speak.

Time for me to decide what it is im to do.

and so i shall.

Chachi Says: Nature is a glorious thing, go outside, sit stand jump bounce walk run, it doesnt matter what you do while your out there, just take a second to look around and see how wonderful everything seems. Also dont knock something until you try it.

Until Tomorrow,

This is Chachi Says signing out



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