Well Ladies and Gents Today is finally friday,

Let’s see whats on today’s agenda.

Well i was at work last night until 12:30ish, so what did i do you ask?
I filed about a reams worth of paper and still have about a reams worth to go. So if they dont see that as me working up to par, then i just cant win i guess. but dammit i tried.

So tonight, i have rehearsal for a show tomorrow at church, last year and this year, we have done a show where we perform music done by older musicians. Judy Garland, Janis Joplin, Liberachi, Elton John are a few from last year. I didnt perform last year i helped out alot backstage and setting everything up, running the music etc etc etc. This year however i am performing, i will be doing a two song set as Buddy Holly. I will be doing Oh Boy, and That’ll be the day, luckily we aren’t actually singing i would feel bad for destroying His music with my voice. It should be fun and there should be video, so when its up ill link you. This year we have the Blues Brothers, Frank and Nancy Sintra, Jimmy Buffett, Marlyin Monroe and Tina Turner. It should be fun.

So i had a discussion last night with my lesbians( thats actually a pet name for the pair of them). They are great, Kind, sweet and caring. Well they determined that they were dragging me to a Pride Parade. Now i kind of argued with them about this, because thats not really something i would want to do. However they kept saying that im going and that they are getting me a PFLAG shirt or a plain white shirt that says im straight. Now i dont have a problem with that at all. However i told them that i dont need a PFLAG shirt because all of the Homosexuals i know don’t need support to help them with the fact that they are gay, nor do i need support in dealing with the fact that they are gay. Now i was merely messing with them as they do to me, and i dont know why i put it in here just felt like sharing that story. They are great and i’d do anything for them, but im not so sure about the pride parade thing. That may be a lil out of my comfort range. but we shall see. While im on the gay topic i’ll plug America’s premier gay podcast

So now that i’ve covered work, Church, and Homosexuals.
I’m not really sure what else there is for me to cover.

So …….

Chachi Says: In the words of Sidney Poitier: “So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness.”


2 Responses to “TGIFF…..”

  1. I MADE IT IN TO YOUR BLOG!Woo hoo.Feather boa here we come!Ape.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll got to a straight parade with you… 🙂

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