So today has almost completely come and gone.

I woke up and left the house to go to the church. We got there and started putting everything in it’s final spots. Preparing the dressing rooms, and putting our stuff in easy to access places and roasting our asses off. The church is a church so it’s still a hot place place to be wearing a suit in the 70 degree weather.

The show was a hit, everyone loved it. And the video will be prepared and posted online. I wore my first ever pompadour courtesy of http://www.pompadour101.com . I can finally cut my hair which will be done tomorrow. FAUX HAWK HERE WE COME!!!! This is seriously being done after church. So Sorg can kick me in the bits all he wants.

So Buddy Holly was a hit. Although people need to stop thinking of Gary Busey’s acting as Buddy when they tell me I needed to move around more. I did my research people. Senor Holly was not a huge show off performer. He stood at the mic stand played the guitar and sang that’s it. So I acted as he would’ve. And was loved.

That’s pretty much all I have to say for today!

Chachi says: A church where the Pastor is willing to dress as Marlyin Monroe, Liza Minelli, and Tina Turner is entertaining as hell and worth my time.

Until tomorrow



2 Responses to “welllllllll…..”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I didn’t say move around. I said back up. it was as if you were licking the mic like an ice cream cone

  2. I typically eat the mic when I sing, but i’m sure it’s the genre.

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