Hoooray for mondays! Fuck them.

So here we are, what can i say its Monday. I dont like today so far.

I wake up, its raining. Which means that i can’t test out my new hawk at work because it’ll fall as soon as it gets wet. So i cant figure out if work is going to be happy with it or not. it’s not like they can be that pissed off, because its fake. If i wet it its normal hair again. but if they dont care about it i know its an option for future uses.

So thus far today: My lunch was screwed up, they cant tell the difference between chicken and beef, im guessing. I ate it anyhow because i didn’t feel like calling them and bitching at them, only to wait another half hour for the right food with spit on it. So i ate the burger i didn’t want. Fucking Mondays.

Twelve calls from people that are pissed off at me because they can’t balance their checkbooks! yay!!!! lets call and yell at a rep that isn’t responsible for my money all because a bill came out and i forgot and spent all my money!!!! YAYYYYYYY!

Im also thigh deep in paper work because of new fcc regulations!!! Fuck you sirs! You keep your paper work. i do not want nor need this excess shit you throw at me. If you want these records then you contact the companies and get them your damn selves. Leave me out of it! Grrr. fucking regulations.

im done for now.

Chachi Says: “When life gives you lemons, just say ‘Fuck the lemons,’ and bail. “



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