You’ve got what i need.

So it happens to be Tuesday, and today is much better then yesterday by far. Its semi nice outside, well it looks the part at least. As i sit here at work looking at the screen and attempt to think of something worth writing about other then my mindless babbling that i normally do. I sit here and realize that i have some great people in my life. I work for a great company, although the job may suck at times but whose doesnt. i sit here and think about this and try to figure out what my life would be like had things not panned out the way they did for me.

Had M&M not let me join them in the tiny apartment in pittsburgh when they moved down here, i wouldve stayed in greenville. Working a pointless job that i would hate. I would prolly spend an insane amount of time at the bar drinking away my problems. I wouldn’t know half the people that i know. And trust me, to think about that brightens my day and saddens me at the same time. I could not imagine my life not knowing the people i know now. I wouldn’t know Gail and her wonderful family. i wouldn’t know My partner in crime in NES, Rick. I wouldnt know the mayhem show guys. Just a long line of people that i wouldnt know, that im so privileged to know.

i appreciate the life that i have i really do. Im thankful for the oppurtunities that have been presented to me. Im thankful for the people that have let me into their circles. Im just thankful for everything.

On the other side of this topic. What would have happened if i wouldve stayed behind. I mean really, Most likely the above prolly wouldve happened. However theres the other side of the coin. I mean i couldve went to Theil, i most likely wouldve taken business something or other. I couldve gotten a job nearby doing something i wouldnt of minded. I mightve hooked up with a girl i like started a family and lived my life that way.

I’m happy with the way things have turned out so far. I really am. Don’t get me wrong theres nothing the matter with either of those two senerios im just happy with the way things are. and i look forward to the future.

Chachi Says: Sometimes you have to step back and look at the other side of the coin, just to make sure your happy with what you possibly could be missing out on.

Til Tommorow



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