Day of the Hump

Welcome Everybody to the wide world of Wednesday.

I start everyday this week wishing it was friday so that the week is over. Only to be disappointed when in fact it is not friday. it’s not like my weekends are always exciting. Some are, some are not. I deal with it. However it does mean that i dont work. Which at this point is a small break that i need to make sure i dont snap and walk out one day during the week. which would be horribly bad. So i have decided that a vacation is a must this year. Im not saying that i must flee in general that all depends on the factors included. but if anything i can at least just take a week off to lay in bed, do nothing. Shit . Exploring more parts of the city would be great at this point. I just know that if i dont take one this year ill be burned out come october.

So i sit here and think about random things that make up my life. Work, Hobbies, Dating just to name a few. My hobbies are going well thus far, just need to get into the studio to record some more music really soon. I have to get some anger and emotions out. My spongelike demeanor is almost at capicity. which means i could implode or explode on the wrong people at the wrong time. My blog is going well. only 332 days left to meet my post for every day goals. People are reading it, im writing it so its working good.

Dating is a low point for me. i have been extremely hard on myself and other people recently in my life. Everytime i think i should make a move on someone, i step back and analyze it too much to the point where i think that every situation i could have right now will fail. For one reason or another i see it happening no matter what. Therefore i dont do anything. i dont go out with the girls i like and i stay miserable, and the funny thing is i already realize this is what im doing, i just cant stop it from happening. im not bringing up any names or reasons in here. just wouldnt be fair to those involved. i dont mind talking about it, so if you think that your close enough of a friend and you think you can help then by all means message me elsewhere and ill talk to you about it. But to do it here would be mean to everyone involved, just because of my bluntly honest personality. I realize that without trying to i’ve hurt some people. To those people who are well aware of whom im referring. I’m sorry. This isnt just from recent times, i mean in general. I screwed some things up in my past. And i owe you the deepest most sincere apology one can give. take it or leave it but i put it out there.

Chachi Says: If there are so many fish in the sea, where are the Record breaking ones? Which under water cave are they Hiding in? and why the hell can’t i catch and keep one?

Til Tomorrow



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