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and im back.

Posted in Uncategorized on May 20, 2008 by chachisays

Well here we are.

6 days or so.


well look i know that i was on the ball with blogging and that i was always posting even short blogs to let everyone know that im still here. Im sorry that i stopped but i can say that im back.
Well, here is what ive been doing.

Thursday was alright, i went down to the arena to watch the game, about 3000 fans outside watching a huge screen… Well after the first two periods i decided to pack up and go home. when i did this the pens scored twice so because of that i will watch the games from my house.

so i went to blogfest which was fun. I had a blast. Saw alot of good people that i know and chatted with alot of them. it was a rough day for me but still had fun.

Today was the day that the severance papers came in the mail. This day pretty much sucked so i sat around and did nothing until playing some xbox and watching SNL.
and so on and so forth.

so here is whats on my mind.

Now, i really liked my job alot. I mean alot. I liked the folks i worked with and for. It was like a big family. Family comes into the world coworkers are there. Family memebers leave the world, co workers are there. People needed help co workers were there. nothing happened in the building without everyone else knowing and no one cared. Everyone was happy together and worked well together. Family Huh? well shit, it is on track with my real family. I guess i should get used to it by now. That it shouldnt effect me. well Bull Fucking shit.
I got this job right after college, i was moving up in the company. This placewas a place i couldve stayed at until retirement. I wouldve done anything for this company and proved it often. This is how they repay me! This is how they show me they care! Me and nine other people dont have jobs now. Why? because some twat doesnt listen to peoples suggestions. Some of the people that they let go have far worse situations then i do. and its fucking bullshit that we have to pay the price for this dicks mistake.

Thanks Former Employer We love you too.

That sounded alot meaner then it was suppose to im not sorry at all. i really do appreciate the oppurtunity they gave me. Now on to bigger and better things.

Chachi Says: Sometimes you pay for other peoples mistakes in a big way. This is why eye for an eye would be a good idea.


Til tomorrow



well shit on me

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so welcome to the shitstorm i call life.

i wish i had a happy post for you folks today but alas i do not.

So today, i finally get some sleep, get a shower, get ready to go to work.

I chill for a bit and leave for work feeling semi good.

Ha, and what does life give me you may ask?

Like kicks me in the god damn nuts.

I get to work, greeted by my boss who says, lets go into the conference room.
Well shit there goes my good fucking day.
so he procedes to tell me that the company is doing lay offs and i am on the list. the company lost a shit ton of money because of someone elses mistakes and ten out of maybe 30 people get punished by being let go.

‘now ive worked for this company for three years and was planning on staying there, i liked the people. I liked my job. and then this happens.

I want to thank everyone for there kind words and offers. It means more then you will ever know.

chachi says: life is a battlefield. either you live to fight another day, or you get swept away


Thats what she said.

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Welcome to wednesday.

So here i sit once again im sitting at work at least i have hockey to watch tonight.

well so far this week im noticing that im currently facing one shit storm after another.

i wish there was something i could put here that would help me not be in this rut.

however there isnt.

im wishing that i could think of something to blog.

chachi says: i promise a full blog tomorrow.

you think?

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So here i am. sitting at work.

its a quarter past 11 on monday night.

to be honest i put this off as long as i could, im sitting here playing poker on face book. and im doing well.

But i honestly dont know what to write about. I am completely drawing a blank.

here is what is on my mind.

Today i took a step that i normally wouldnt take. I jumped before i looked so to speak.
I responded to a craig’s list personal ad. i honestly dont know why i did this. im still drawing a blank.

I at first went there to laugh and play whats wrong with this one. However i found my self compelled to respond.

I know im asking for punishment on this one. But i did it.

God help me.

Chachi Says: Sometimes its good to do things out of the norm, but be prepared to deal with the baggage.


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Mother’s day. A day when one shows thanks to the one that gave birth to them.

Now I don’t agree with the majority of stuff that my mother does. Not in the least bit. I have my reasons so hush you nay sayers. However I do thank her for giving me life. I’m happy in the most part of what I have. The friends, the family, the job. So thanks ma!

Now today was another relaxing day for me. I spent the day with my “adopted” mother. And had a nice one at that.

Now as I sit here watching the pens game and listen to mike lang while ill talk and goof around with the yinz teamers on twitter. Several things come to mind.

Number one: why am I addicted to technology?

I contribute it to being my constant need to tinker with things. But who knows. How would I survive without the internet. Or my blackberry for the matter. Being in constant contact with the people I talk too all day everyday. What would happen if I was to completely unplug? I’m betting I would crack. But eh maybe we will test it someday.

Number two: why is there not a commitee to allow or deny what cable channels there are? And if there is why do they suck at there job so much?

Who knows. I sure as hell don’t. And it doesn’t bother me all that much because I don’t watch all that much tv ti begin with.

Chachi says: to all the mothers, thank you and happy mothers day to you. To the cable channel selection commitee. Eat me! To the creators of technologies everywhere god bless you.



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Today is what I’ve been waiting for.

A day in which I could relax a bit and unwind from the stresses of the week. Now it didn’t go completely as it sounds.

It started with me waking up to do some stuff around and for the house.

Then I ran around a bunch to finally stop the wait and get my stuff done for mothers day. Also dug out and bought some new stuff for softball so that’s been taking care of.

Then came the relaxing! I watched a few movies and now I play some video games.

Chachi says; sometimes you just gotta do stuff for you or else your gonna be burned out.

Til tommorow



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Welcome to friday,

Today because of yesterday i decided i would generate topics to blog about today.

In short i had fun with twitter and responses.

The first question i posed was directed to the guys mainly.

Who is More Desirable? Jessica Rabbit or Samus?

Just in case you have no clue who these two people are here are the pictures. Which makes me wonder why your reading my blog from a cave but eh i appreciate it all the same.

Name: Jessica Rabbit
Info: This vuluptuously fiery redhead, is from the Movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Tagline: I’m not bad, I’m just Drawn that way.
Finsher: Big Boob swinging Knock out.

Name: Samus Aran
Info: This galactic blond bombshell is a bounty hunter who is responsible wiping out the metroid species.
Finisher: Too Many To name.

Well the Results came back in favor of Ms. Rabbit.

I however went with Samus.

Who knows?

To Each Their own i guess.

The Next question i posed to twitter; If you could have a no questions asked night with one actor/actress who would it be.

Now i didnt get many responses to this one, however the answers i did get included,

Michelle Rodriguez, Megan Fox and Joseph Fiennes.

So you can see the difference there alone.

Chachi Says: Whats the use in having all this technology if you cant play stupid what if games.

Til Tomorrow