Glorious Glorious Friday, oh How have i missed Thee!!!

So todays friday thank fucking god.

Lets get this out of the way now.

i was evicted from my desk today, because i am not worth putting in one compared to other people. lol. No its due to lack of space. But still i am back in a cubical and im not fucking happy. However i was told that its only for a short amount of time. Still doesnt make me happy however im going to deal with it.

On to the next topic of interest, girls.

Now ive talked to a few people on my recent encounter with females behaving wierdly. And it was brought to my attention that women are crazy because men are idiots. Now after some thought. In my case this may be true. However let me defend myself. I may have been an idiot. maybe just maybe. here is my defense. First off this is not meant to offend the people involved. Its not what i mean to do but it may happen, just incase im sorry now.

Now first, the lil blonde headed sweetie. I know that your married, ive known this since we reconnected. However never once during our conversations did i ever intend for you to believe that i wanted you to get divorced and run away with me. Im sorry if you felt this way. I do appreciate you and am glad that we can talk like we do.

the next one, “princess” look, this did not go the way i intended, however in my defense your thumbs work also. im sorry if you feel hurt and neglected but its been a busy week for me. you couldve also contacted me. Im sorry.

I know that im seeming really really asshole-ish here, and thats why i keep apologizing but its the truth.

IRON MAN! TONIGHT woooooooooot.

Chachi Says: People will believe whatever they want. its not my fault, if your mad at me. i prolly deserve it.

Til tomorrow.



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