Welcome back to another week filled with the same things as the week before. Headaches, boringness, stress, and on and on.

So i wake up feeling like a truck hit me. This as you know always sucks major ass. but eh it happens. You live and go on.

I’ve been thinking about why we make the choices we do in life. Why do we decide the way we do? The only thing i can think is that we do it to make sure that we are better off in the future. i’ve actually been trying to figure it out. Why do we do it this way? Who is to say that we have to do it that way, “just because it is more responsible.” Who to say it is more responsible??? Honestly how do we know that what we do for today wont make us better off in the future? We dont, yet we continue to do things for the future instead of living today.

Anyhow. I got some responses to my “assholeish” Blog from the other day, both from the people i addressed and from outsiders. Most of them said that i shouldnt call myself that because i was just being honest and if they dont understand that then they are no good. i want to thank those for the responses. It has helped me address some issues. Im not going to comment any further on them as of now but i really do appreciate it. you can come to me if you want to know and if your priveleged ill tell you.

Now the people it was addressed to you will recieve your responses however allow me time to gather my thoughts. Patience is a valuable resource that is free to use.

Chachi Says: Who knows why we do the things we do. As long as they cause no harm to you or others then whats the problem with living for today as opposed to living for the future.




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