Tuedays are so far my favorite day of the week. I have the best luck with them compared to other days of the week. They are slower at work. They typically are the days u have the best ideas as well.

Today started off with me waking up as my ride got here so I rushed a bit but still wasn’t all that bothered by it. I got to work to find out that there were no overnight orders that needed completed. Good start to a good day.

I officially become the “tom” of my company’s new service. Blue marble text, you can use the service to text all your friends, or family in one swoop. You can use it if your the coach, you can reach your team. So on and so forth. But we turned it into a social media site also. It’s a great service for 4.99 a month. You can find it at http://www.bluemarbletext.com

So I figure out there are all these places that we can offer this service and I’m helping people I like. I’m currently trying to gather information to have the company sponsor podcamp, geek night and more. They are also thinking about sponsoring podcamps beyond pittsburgh as well. I told them I got dibs on going to boston if the chance comes up.

So if you have a technology based event or social media convention hit me up at chachisays@gmail.com and ill see what I can do.

Now I know that you are thinking that I’m just pimping this because I work for the company. Wrong! My company provides dial up that I don’t pimp. Voip that I don’t pimp and more. But I like this service having actually used it. I give my unbiased opinion.

Chachi says: if you can help your work and your peeps at the same time. You can’t lose!

Til tomorrow



One Response to “WOOOOO TUESDAYS!!!”

  1. It’s good to “believe” in your company’s product like that. It makes you happier to work for them, and help it come along, and not feel like it’s so much “work”, really.

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