Welcome to friday,

Today because of yesterday i decided i would generate topics to blog about today.

In short i had fun with twitter and responses.

The first question i posed was directed to the guys mainly.

Who is More Desirable? Jessica Rabbit or Samus?

Just in case you have no clue who these two people are here are the pictures. Which makes me wonder why your reading my blog from a cave but eh i appreciate it all the same.

Name: Jessica Rabbit
Info: This vuluptuously fiery redhead, is from the Movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Tagline: I’m not bad, I’m just Drawn that way.
Finsher: Big Boob swinging Knock out.

Name: Samus Aran
Info: This galactic blond bombshell is a bounty hunter who is responsible wiping out the metroid species.
Finisher: Too Many To name.

Well the Results came back in favor of Ms. Rabbit.

I however went with Samus.

Who knows?

To Each Their own i guess.

The Next question i posed to twitter; If you could have a no questions asked night with one actor/actress who would it be.

Now i didnt get many responses to this one, however the answers i did get included,

Michelle Rodriguez, Megan Fox and Joseph Fiennes.

So you can see the difference there alone.

Chachi Says: Whats the use in having all this technology if you cant play stupid what if games.

Til Tomorrow




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