Mother’s day. A day when one shows thanks to the one that gave birth to them.

Now I don’t agree with the majority of stuff that my mother does. Not in the least bit. I have my reasons so hush you nay sayers. However I do thank her for giving me life. I’m happy in the most part of what I have. The friends, the family, the job. So thanks ma!

Now today was another relaxing day for me. I spent the day with my “adopted” mother. And had a nice one at that.

Now as I sit here watching the pens game and listen to mike lang while ill talk and goof around with the yinz teamers on twitter. Several things come to mind.

Number one: why am I addicted to technology?

I contribute it to being my constant need to tinker with things. But who knows. How would I survive without the internet. Or my blackberry for the matter. Being in constant contact with the people I talk too all day everyday. What would happen if I was to completely unplug? I’m betting I would crack. But eh maybe we will test it someday.

Number two: why is there not a commitee to allow or deny what cable channels there are? And if there is why do they suck at there job so much?

Who knows. I sure as hell don’t. And it doesn’t bother me all that much because I don’t watch all that much tv ti begin with.

Chachi says: to all the mothers, thank you and happy mothers day to you. To the cable channel selection commitee. Eat me! To the creators of technologies everywhere god bless you.



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