you think?

So here i am. sitting at work.

its a quarter past 11 on monday night.

to be honest i put this off as long as i could, im sitting here playing poker on face book. and im doing well.

But i honestly dont know what to write about. I am completely drawing a blank.

here is what is on my mind.

Today i took a step that i normally wouldnt take. I jumped before i looked so to speak.
I responded to a craig’s list personal ad. i honestly dont know why i did this. im still drawing a blank.

I at first went there to laugh and play whats wrong with this one. However i found my self compelled to respond.

I know im asking for punishment on this one. But i did it.

God help me.

Chachi Says: Sometimes its good to do things out of the norm, but be prepared to deal with the baggage.


2 Responses to “you think?”

  1. I’m happy to know you don’t like your kidneys…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    When you have a pedophile tranny knockin’ at your door…don’t answer, k?

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