well shit on me

so welcome to the shitstorm i call life.

i wish i had a happy post for you folks today but alas i do not.

So today, i finally get some sleep, get a shower, get ready to go to work.

I chill for a bit and leave for work feeling semi good.

Ha, and what does life give me you may ask?

Like kicks me in the god damn nuts.

I get to work, greeted by my boss who says, lets go into the conference room.
Well shit there goes my good fucking day.
so he procedes to tell me that the company is doing lay offs and i am on the list. the company lost a shit ton of money because of someone elses mistakes and ten out of maybe 30 people get punished by being let go.

‘now ive worked for this company for three years and was planning on staying there, i liked the people. I liked my job. and then this happens.

I want to thank everyone for there kind words and offers. It means more then you will ever know.

chachi says: life is a battlefield. either you live to fight another day, or you get swept away



One Response to “well shit on me”

  1. I’m really sorry to hear this happened. I know you liked the job. It probably won’t help much to hear that people often say that a layoff turned out to be a great thing for them, that they then went on to get an even better position or to do something they’d longed to try but hadn’t had the nerve. I remember < HREF="http://genebromberg.com" REL="nofollow">Gene Bromberg<> writing about that some time back, and now he’s making a living blogging. I hope something as good or better happens for you.

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