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Immmmm Back!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 30, 2008 by chachisays

Well, without further adeu, no more waiting, no more procrastination.
Here it is the long over due, critically acclaimed fantasically kick ass,
Chachi says!!!!!!!!! *crowd applause here, ends up being two people clapping unexcitedly.

Well here is what has happened since my last blog.

I’ve had two interviews and got both jobs, ive chosen one over the other because of my desire to have a life.

My Iguana died(tear tear he was so young.) Not sure why. but he will be missed.

I joined the greatest soft force ever assembled, check out the highlight reel and everything else at

I spent alot of time feeling sorry for myself because i thought i needed female companionship in order to feel complete. then as i sat there re-reading R.A. Salvatore books i realized that A. I have always had female companionship. just not the sense in which i thought i needed. B. I don’t need companionship in the manner that one normally thinks. Society has alot of people brain washed into thinking that in order to be normal you have to do certain things. well you know what. im no longer going to give in to society. im not going to give anymore. Fuck it i dont care what you think of me. im me fuckers. Deal with it.

Also while im on the topic of me being me. Here’s another thing that im not doing anymore. Im done playing dumb, acting retarded to avoid having intelligent conversations. I’m quite capable of having an intelligent conversation for long periods of time. Why did i act like i did, well to put it out there quick and easy, i was being lazy. Not wanting to think about forming intelligent rebuttal or response to something said by someone else. i was lazy thats it end of story.

I came i saw i blogged.

This translation is in italian because for some reason i didn’t trust the latin one given to me so….

sono venuto io ho veduto che blogged.

Chachi Says: Sometimes you have to stop putting up with the bullshit and start being who you want to be not who everyone else wants you to be.*

Until Next time,


* so in honor of this sweet ass book that was recommended to me by Ms. Papuga i figured i would use a foot note to let everyone know that i still have not measured my house. there is a tape measure sitting right next to my bed though, so i am prepared!**
** 😉