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Yinz Inspiration

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This day is called the Stand of Yinzers

He that outlives this day, and comes safe home,

Will stand a tip-toe when the day is named,

And rouse him at the name of Yinzer.

He that shall live this day, and see old age,

Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,

And say ‘To-morrow is Saint Yinzer’

Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars.

And say ‘These wounds I had on Yinzers day.’

Old men forget: yet all shall be forgot,

But he’ll remember with advantages

What feats he did that day: then shall our names.

Familiar in his mouth as household words

TehJim the coach , Papuga and Spoon,

Lunchbox and Remedy, Sager and Chachi,

Be in their flowing cups freshly remember’d.

This story shall the good man teach his son;

And Yinzers shall ne’er go by,

From this day to the ending of the world,

But we in it shall be remember’d;

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

For They to-day that sheds Their blood with me

Shall be my Friend; be they ne’er so vile,

This day shall gentle his condition:

And people in pittsburgh now a-bed

Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,

And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks

That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.

ps i claim no credit for this.


FF and More!

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So let’s start with the Friday 5 for this week and then move from there.

  1. When you go to the beach, lake, or pool, are you more likely to lower yourself gradually into cold water or to take a determined plunge and get it over with?

I usually just dive right in, the shock of the cold water is a great way to wake your system up.

  1. How is this like (or unlike) your approach to other tasks or ordeals?

Its very like me. Diving right in is my way of getting over the ordeal of learning or doing something.

  1. When someone gives you flowers, are you more likely to let them turn completely brown and gross before throwing them out, or to discard them the moment they take on that sick-flower look?

If I were to receive flowers which I have not. I would keep them until they dry up completely.

  1. How is this like (or unlike) your approach to other gifts, purchases, or relationships?

Sounds like everything else I do or have lmao.

  1. Think of your favorite movie (or a movie you really like, if you can’t think of a favorite). Some people say that the reasons you love your favorite movie are related to what you value in romantic relationships. How is this true or untrue in your case?

So if that statement is true then what I need in a relationship is a discussion about the innocent contractors killed in the destruction of the second death star. Hmm interesting theory I guess.

Now those are taken care of let’s see what is happening in my neck of the woods. So tomorrow is sister saturday. Which means today is rush home and clean friday so that she has a clean place to sleep and what not. im excited. cant wait.

I finally was able to watch The Dark Knight, and because i dont want to spoil it for others.
A. It was awesome. I loved every minute.
B. I know wish that Ledger wouldnt have offed himself because he was an amazing joker.
C. If Scarecrow, Joker and Two Face are this dark and Badass i cant wait to see the Riddler.

So i have decided that i love being in Oakland for work. This place is amazing, there is so much for me to watch going on everyday. Yesterday a Amateur Bmx’er Faceplanted trying to do a 360 when he could barely do a bunny hop. Today the poor guy in the park whose girlfriend decided they were done. ( I call this guy Klondike Guy, Cause he really neeeded a klondike bar. I just hopes he pays it forward.)

Now on to Mario the Homeless plumber.

Jeff Dye a hilarious comedian on this years season of Last Comic Standing brought up a few very good points as to why he thinks Mario is Homeless.

1. He is always in the same clothes.
2. We have never seen him plumb a damn thing.
3. He runs around collecting coins.
4. He Breaks Bricks with his head looking for shroomz.

Now look i love the italian plumber just as much as everyone else does but Mr. Dye may have a point here.

Chachi Says: Sometimes its the little things in life that truly touch a person and make them feel like everything is going to be ok. when this happens to you be sure to return the favor.


Chachi did what????

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A. A. Blank

B. B. nada

C. C. Zip

D. D. Nothing

E. E. all of the above.

Which one of these is what Chachi saw when Chachi was trying to type a blog lately. The answer is E. (in case you didn’t already know. )

In Fact, it took Chachi twenty minutes to finish that intro to the blog. Pretty sad huh? Yea, That’s what he(Chachi) said also. Now, he is sitting at work engulfed in his company issued laptop. He is supposed to be doing company related activities with said lappy top. In Fact, in the last half hour. Chachi has done 5 minutes worth of work. He had to map a network drive. Tough stuff! Woot! Other then work, Chachi checked myspace, facebook, and 5 email addresses that were not work. So Chachi decided to find out how far he could get into a blog post before his phone rings.

So Chachi vs. Naderhead ’08 is finally over. Douchebag(naderhead) came up to me yesterday and said, I’m not even going to ask you again cause I know your going to say no and try to start a political argument. Here’s what Chachi finds funny about that statement. Never once has Chachi been the one to start the argument, Chachi’s responses are usually, “No, Chachi will not sign the petition because the he doesn’t believe that Nader’s ballot tactics were ethical. Thank you for asking though.” Now, had the guy been respectful of my wishes he would’ve then said thanks for your time and walked away. However he did not. The asshole then proceeded to tell Chachi, that he was the brainwashed asshole, for allowing the government to tell him who he had to vote for. Now asshole pissed Chachi off. The ballot does not say anywhere on it that we as Americans have to vote for those two people. There is a fill in the blank spot. And plenty of independent candidates. Are they going to win, no. But you as a registered voter can still say hey , Chachi didn’t vote for that guy. So douchebag continues his speech about how Chachi is a communist* and that Chachi wants the government to control every thought we have. Fuck Him, Chachi wins cause Chachi is not collecting signatures for a guy that cheated his way on the ballot.

So Next week will be a good week for Chachi-san, It’s sister week next week. And we are going to Warped Tour. Maybe Kennywood. Who Knows? Chachi Sure as hell doesn’t.

Chachi loves Tuesdays, but today just wont end!

Chachi Says: ha. Chachi told you he would do a blog post in this manner! He likes the attention sometimes and this style makes Chachi feel special!! Chachi also says that this is harder then he thought.


· It’s quite funny that the douchebag called Chachi a communist cause Sir box and Sir Tron called him one Sunday night. Maybe Chachi is communist. He will investigate this and get back to everyone.

Friday 5

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  1. What was the last meal that caused you to be ill?

Well Thankfully the last time I had actual food poisoning was when I was in high from some hole in the wall Mexican restaurant.* Everytime since then it was just an excuse because I didn’t want to go to work.

  1. Are there any places you never dine anymore because of a bad experience hours after the meal?

No, I can’t say that there is. I stay away from places I don’t fully trust, and if a place looks iffy but has a good review from someone I trust then I go anyhow.

  1. What’s your prescription for dealing with a food-caused illness? Copious amounts of sleep. Followed by more time in the bathroom and sleep. And finally I wrap it up it more sleep.
  2. When friends tell you about coming down with food-caused illnesses, do you avoid the places they name, or do you figure it’s a dice-roll wherever you go?

I tend not to go there then, I’m not looking to share in their enjoyable moments.

  1. After numerous citations, a very, very popular restaurant that you’re quite fond of is shut down by the health department until it can get everything up to code. When the health department gives the restaurant the o.k. to reopen, do you go?

Hells yes, if I have never had a problem with a restaurant then there is no need for me to stop going.

Chachi Says: Sometimes things move way to fast for you to have time to do something you really want to do. I’ll be back later with a real blog.

Friday 5

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Well, As per usually I was out sucked into my think pad, sitting at my desk “working” when I stopped by twitter(you know that place right off of the corner of www. And .com avenues. No No, that’s the hot dog shop yea the other corner that’s the place im talking about.) So I stopped in there to see what was going on today and I noticed that both Mr. box ( and Ms. Papuga( had both stumbled over something that I found intriguing, fun, and and easy way to blog. I guess there is a blog at that post 5 questions per week. The blogger answers these questions and post them on his/her respective blog. And I being a bit lazy today and not quite sure what to Blog about………………………………………..Friday 5 it is. This weeks is entitled Midsummer Nights’ Dream. Enjoy!

1. What are some recurring dreams you’ve had?

I think a better question here are what are some dreams I haven’t had. I haven’t dreamt that I was a women or an astronaut*, I haven’t dreamt that I was an animal or living a normal dream. I have dreamt that I was in movies, falling, dying in some messed up adventures that usually don’t end before I wake up. To be honest that last one angers me the most, because for the most part im really enjoying the way events are unfolding and I would like to see the ending. Kind of like a really good movie that you have to leave because of an emergency.

2. What is the significance of dreams in telling you about yourself?

If I let my dreams tell me about myself, then I would most certainly have to lay off the peyote* or something. The dreams that I am able to remember when I wake up are usually so messed up that they would be rated R and directed by Tarantino or something. I usually end up running around solving mysteries in a more adult Sccoby Doo.*

3. How do you feel after you’ve had one of THOSE dreams?

After one of THOSE dreams…… wow, lil personal don’t you think? Friday 5 you are a dirty dirty blog!

4. What was the last dream you remember?

The last dream was a dooooooooooozie, I had spent all night at the bar with some friends on a trip and eventually passed out on my dads couch at 3:30 in the morning. I had this dream where I got into this fight with 14 guys in downtown Pittsburgh, survived, and ended up in this circus like prison system. The prison was kinda like a haunted house only fun. You walked from room to room experiencing all that the room had to offer and moved on. And as if that wasn’t awesome enough, they let you leave for 3 hours per day, as long as you were one of the first 50 to get in line. Entirely too messed up for me to analyze and research.

5. When did you last dream about something that later happened as you dreamt it?

This has never happened to me. It would be cool to sit here and make up a story and be like and then blah blah blah blah blah. But I feel that I should just answer and finish because some of these q’s I feel like ive just rambled on.

Chachi says: Sometimes its better to break what you normally do and just participate in something that’s much larger then yourself.

Til later


*By making this statement I in no way shape or form have anything against women. I was just using it as an example as to things I’ve never dreamt about. Oh yea astronauts are cool too.

** Drug free is the way to be, I’m not a drug addict but after some of these dreams I’ve had you would’ve thought I was tripping or something along those lines.

~BoooooYah 2~

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As you may all know by know today is Tuesday, and everyone knows how much I love Tuesdays!*

Today’s Tuesday is especially special to me because I start finalizing plans to have my younger sister come down for the last week of July. Now, I don’t normally talk about my family much in general but my sister means so much to me. And to not get to see her as often as I would like hurts me a lot.

So last year I told her I would bring her down for a week just to hang out and spend some time together. Well a lot of things came up and that was put on hold. So this is the year, that we make this happen. I couldn’t be more excited.

I Have a lot planned for us to do. We shall have a blast.

Any hoot let’s move on to more pressing things , so little to do and so much time, scratch that reverse it, so Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. Today I slept in purposely because I was due to be at work until 12:30 pm so today I slept, and it was glorious. It allowed me to regain lost sleep from the weekend and allowed me to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to karate chop the world!

I happen to be stuck here until nine which blows but eh the extra sleep will make it worth it. Ill just go home eat some din din and then proceed to read or play video games before retiring to bed for the evening only to have to wake up at 630ish to do my normal routine, but still that leaves tomorrow as being Yinz Team Wednesday. So that thought will get me through the day.

I’m not really sure what else I can say to make this more entertaining then it already was.

Chachi Says: Sometimes you get so excited about something that you can not hold it in much longer. Hence the explosion about my sister. But you know what you can only remain quiet for so long, eventually everyone talks.

Til Tommorow


*The blurb I was referring to for those of you who are just joining us was this from last week. “Tuesday, Oh Tuesday. how you have been mistreated over the years and im not going to change that now. don’t get me wrong, your not as bad as monday. That guy needs to stop bringing everyone down in a serious way. However your not as good as wednesday, that guy has it made. i mean right there in the center, let’s everyone know that the weekend and the peeps favorite days are right over the hump. Who wouldn’t want that job! Now Come on Tuesday, Cheer up! you have a fun job too. You, Tuesday, hold the week together, because without you, there would be six days, not seven, which would make Wednesday worthless. Also you are the glue that holds it all together, you help people recover from the hell that monday always seems to bring about. So here’s to you Tuesday, The strongest day of the week”


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This blog was supposed to be up yesterday. However due to an issue with the net blocker at work and me not having the brand new office product it was not so enjoy and stick around for todays coming up soon.

Fuck Mondays……

Well, We are back to the normal everyday grind.


All i ask is one more recovery day.

Well, Let’s get into it. it should be a decent size post.

So Fourth of July has come and gone once again, it was an overall fun weekend filled with booze, food and even more booze. I’ve discovered that when I travel north to see the ‘rents and friends both of which I miss. I tend to drink a lot. Now you may say whatever you want for your speculation as to why this happens, however I have chalked it up to happening because there isn’t much else to do. Which is true, ask around they will tell you the same.

So the weekend tale starts on Thursday, I get home from work an hour later because I had to go into work later that day, so I get home and chill until I talk to Sorg who said he was going to go get the WOF Champ himself Senor Madmike. So I tag along to do that. We retrieve the beast from the northeast and head to the theatre to see Hancock with Lunchieboxie, V_rock and Fos Missy. So that’s Two male Sorgs, One Angry Mike, One Chachi in a decent mood which is hard to come by nowadays, One race confused Lunchbox*, and Three beautiful women. All in a pretty much empty theatre to see the last showing of Hancock.**

After the flick we decided that we were not done causing mayhem on the night. So we made an effort to go to kings, and ended up at Denny’s due to a change in Kings business hours. *** So we get to denny’s do our thangs and depart for the evening.

The next morning starts a brand new dizzay. So I get up, Shower and just enjoy the morning, I go to my first picinic thingy, and leave to head to the Mayhem Picinic Thingy. I hang out there for a bit chilling with peeps and playing smash brothers brawl which I hate doing while im stuck using the wii mote. So I chillz with my homiez and then bounce to drive up north for the rest of the weekend.

I call the ‘rents to inform them of my upcoming arrival and they inform me that they are going out for the evening to which I respond ok me too. So I go, get trashed and get into trouble of which I will not discuss here. And end up passing out on my fathers couch at 330ish.

I woke up the next morning to a strange cat pawing at the window to get inside. I didn’t know if it was their cat or not so I ignored it and went back to sleep. Only to be awaken finally at 7:30ish by mom coming down to use the computer. I woke up and asked about the cat. It was their pet, so I immediately let it in the house and gave it treats to make up for me keeping it outside when It obviously wanted in.

That day was filled of drinking and food and music and even more drinking. I started the day by going to The Eagles club with Pops and it was membership appreciation day which meant free food and half priced drinks so at noon I had my first drink of the day. That was followed by a few more, until it was time for us to go to the inlaws house for grandmas retirement party. Which had even more food, and alcohol. So after eating and not drinking I got in touch with some friends and we returned to the bar for some more drinks Followed by breakfast at the best greasy spoon in mercer county, Paxton’s. Then it was time yet again to pass out on my fathers couch.

This being Sunday now, I woke up and returned to Pittsburgh in time to scrimmage against Lokay’s team, we played at Frick park which is a nice ass park. After the game I went home napped, ate, napped, and that was the end of it. I sit here before you barely awake and sore as hell.

Well as far as the recap goes that’s the bulk of it right there for you to read. Now for the record im not an alcoholic, its just when im there I drink.

Chachi Says: Sometimes it’s good to recap a weekend like this. It helps you remember things that you may have forgotten when recounting the events.

Til Tommorow


*Lunchboxie believes he is black and constantly refers to me as wonder bread, white bread, cracka or honky. When he himself is whiter then I am.

** I Give Hancock a 7 out of ten, I wasn’t happy with the ending however the rest of the movie was hilariously awesome.