Tuesday, Oh Tuesday. how you have been mistreated over the years and im not going to change that now. don’t get me wrong, your not as bad as monday. That guy needs to stop bringing everyone down in a serious way. However your not as good as wednesday, that guy has it made. i mean right there in the center, let’s everyone know that the weekend and the peeps favorite days are right over the hump. Who wouldn’t want that job! Now Come on Tuesday, Cheer up! you have a fun job too. You, Tuesday, hold the week together, because without you, there would be six days, not seven, which would make Wednesday worthless. Also you are the glue that holds it all together, you help people recover from the hell that monday always seems to bring about. So here’s to you Tuesday, The strongest day of the week.

Well, Now that i got that out of my system, Here’s really what’s on my mind. Librarians have to learn so much about cataloging books, and shushing people when they get too loud and what not. Do they not realize that the use of computers is a wonderful tool that can make everything they do easier. Please don’t misunderstand what im trying to say here, i have no bad feelings toward them, i just think that they are intelligent enough to learn enough about computers that it would be more efficent for them to provide materials to the youth of these country that won’t rot their minds. They could double their output and then spend some extra time trying to figure out how to get more people in the library for books rather then they coming in just to check myspace on the fucking computers.

For those of you that are unaware, i work for the company that provides computers and other equipment and support to every library in alleghany county.9 times out of 10 a library calls us because they have an issue on a machine, they tell us the computer name, we connect via vpn and BAMMMMMMMMMMMMM Myspace is up. Because the person using it doesnt care about whatever issue they were just complaining about. Instead they wanna see some BOOOOOOOOOOTAYYYY! Fucktards. i realize that everyone and their mother is on myspace, but library computers are used for researching, resumes, job hunting. NOT SO YOU CAN PICK UP SOME TEENAGER ON MYSPACE PERVERT!

I sit here in the basement literally the basement, this room has one door, no windows, no outside light what so ever, None! So i walk away from my machine every 2 hours and sit outside for ten minutes or so. Why? because i need fresh air, i realize that support centers typically have a reputation for being stashed in a deep dank corner of whatever company they are for, however this is the first one that i’ve worked in that actually lives up to that. I myself am not a big fan of air conditioning. I can honestly live without it, Natural wind is much more satisfieing to me. So although it may make you more comfortable and what not, give me nature any day.

Chachi Says: there are just some days where you feel completely random, this is one of those days.*

Til Later


*Funny story about being random i’ve watched movies** that i had absolutely no interest in watching at one point. why? randomness. who knows what causes me to do this, i sure as hell dont know. but i watched it and it was quite entertaining. i dont know if it was the dialog or the visual stimulus that kept me watching it but i still watched.

** The movie im talking about here is Stick It, a gymnastics movie that is about a girl who is the rebel who decided against the sport. she ends up going back due to a court order. watch it, its entertaining for everyone.


One Response to “WOOOOOT WOOOT.”

  1. hing seriously FUCKING wrong with you and it is that you just recommended Stick It to the unsuspecting populace.

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