Fri……errr Thursday.

Welcome to the Wide Wonderful Wild Day of Friday! Dammit, Thursday, how many times have I told you to stop dressing up and acting like Friday! Bad Thursday Bad!

So as I sit here and try to coast through this day without being noticed and threatened with more work, I realize that im pretty happy with this job. I don’t get yelled at here. And if I do get talked too, it’s a oh well you didn’t know type of thing. Or next time do it like this. Nothing major, no one is upset, no one is hungry angry.

So today Thursday is pretending to be Friday and in all honesty I don’t mind I’m in the mood for a short week. It’ll be nice to spend the whole weekend relaxing. The Yinz Team played again yesterday and are suppose to play an exhibition game on Sunday, it wasn’t our worse game so far but it wasn’t our best game. And either way we have fun it’s a blast for us to get together and play some ball.

This weekend I venture to the homestead to spend some time with the folks, aka spend a lot of time drinking listening to them tell me how much they missed me and that I should stay longer and come home more often. It’s fun to take the car out and explore the old town but there isn’t much to do up there other then drink. And watch tv or traffic. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

What this means is because they live in the sticks and my dad is kind of cheap when it comes to some things, I will be unable to update my blog from there, ill have to most likely stop by the library or somewhere just to make sure you guys don’t go with out my precious wonderful literary masterpieces ramblings of no importance.

Chachi Says: That 9 times out of 10 I just ramble, no organization, no carefully prepared thoughts, and a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. But you know what. It’s my blog and ill do what I want! Be safe this weekend everyone. No blowing off hands!



Fuck Spammers, I will rip your soul out.


One Response to “Fri……errr Thursday.”

  1. I picture a Mortal Kombat themed LOLKATZ with that spanners PS.

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