~BoooooYah 2~

As you may all know by know today is Tuesday, and everyone knows how much I love Tuesdays!*

Today’s Tuesday is especially special to me because I start finalizing plans to have my younger sister come down for the last week of July. Now, I don’t normally talk about my family much in general but my sister means so much to me. And to not get to see her as often as I would like hurts me a lot.

So last year I told her I would bring her down for a week just to hang out and spend some time together. Well a lot of things came up and that was put on hold. So this is the year, that we make this happen. I couldn’t be more excited.

I Have a lot planned for us to do. We shall have a blast.

Any hoot let’s move on to more pressing things , so little to do and so much time, scratch that reverse it, so Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. Today I slept in purposely because I was due to be at work until 12:30 pm so today I slept, and it was glorious. It allowed me to regain lost sleep from the weekend and allowed me to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to karate chop the world!

I happen to be stuck here until nine which blows but eh the extra sleep will make it worth it. Ill just go home eat some din din and then proceed to read or play video games before retiring to bed for the evening only to have to wake up at 630ish to do my normal routine, but still that leaves tomorrow as being Yinz Team Wednesday. So that thought will get me through the day.

I’m not really sure what else I can say to make this more entertaining then it already was.

Chachi Says: Sometimes you get so excited about something that you can not hold it in much longer. Hence the explosion about my sister. But you know what you can only remain quiet for so long, eventually everyone talks.

Til Tommorow


*The blurb I was referring to for those of you who are just joining us was this from last week. “Tuesday, Oh Tuesday. how you have been mistreated over the years and im not going to change that now. don’t get me wrong, your not as bad as monday. That guy needs to stop bringing everyone down in a serious way. However your not as good as wednesday, that guy has it made. i mean right there in the center, let’s everyone know that the weekend and the peeps favorite days are right over the hump. Who wouldn’t want that job! Now Come on Tuesday, Cheer up! you have a fun job too. You, Tuesday, hold the week together, because without you, there would be six days, not seven, which would make Wednesday worthless. Also you are the glue that holds it all together, you help people recover from the hell that monday always seems to bring about. So here’s to you Tuesday, The strongest day of the week”


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