This blog was supposed to be up yesterday. However due to an issue with the net blocker at work and me not having the brand new office product it was not so enjoy and stick around for todays coming up soon.

Fuck Mondays……

Well, We are back to the normal everyday grind.


All i ask is one more recovery day.

Well, Let’s get into it. it should be a decent size post.

So Fourth of July has come and gone once again, it was an overall fun weekend filled with booze, food and even more booze. I’ve discovered that when I travel north to see the ‘rents and friends both of which I miss. I tend to drink a lot. Now you may say whatever you want for your speculation as to why this happens, however I have chalked it up to happening because there isn’t much else to do. Which is true, ask around they will tell you the same.

So the weekend tale starts on Thursday, I get home from work an hour later because I had to go into work later that day, so I get home and chill until I talk to Sorg who said he was going to go get the WOF Champ himself Senor Madmike. So I tag along to do that. We retrieve the beast from the northeast and head to the theatre to see Hancock with Lunchieboxie, V_rock and Fos Missy. So that’s Two male Sorgs, One Angry Mike, One Chachi in a decent mood which is hard to come by nowadays, One race confused Lunchbox*, and Three beautiful women. All in a pretty much empty theatre to see the last showing of Hancock.**

After the flick we decided that we were not done causing mayhem on the night. So we made an effort to go to kings, and ended up at Denny’s due to a change in Kings business hours. *** So we get to denny’s do our thangs and depart for the evening.

The next morning starts a brand new dizzay. So I get up, Shower and just enjoy the morning, I go to my first picinic thingy, and leave to head to the Mayhem Picinic Thingy. I hang out there for a bit chilling with peeps and playing smash brothers brawl which I hate doing while im stuck using the wii mote. So I chillz with my homiez and then bounce to drive up north for the rest of the weekend.

I call the ‘rents to inform them of my upcoming arrival and they inform me that they are going out for the evening to which I respond ok me too. So I go, get trashed and get into trouble of which I will not discuss here. And end up passing out on my fathers couch at 330ish.

I woke up the next morning to a strange cat pawing at the window to get inside. I didn’t know if it was their cat or not so I ignored it and went back to sleep. Only to be awaken finally at 7:30ish by mom coming down to use the computer. I woke up and asked about the cat. It was their pet, so I immediately let it in the house and gave it treats to make up for me keeping it outside when It obviously wanted in.

That day was filled of drinking and food and music and even more drinking. I started the day by going to The Eagles club with Pops and it was membership appreciation day which meant free food and half priced drinks so at noon I had my first drink of the day. That was followed by a few more, until it was time for us to go to the inlaws house for grandmas retirement party. Which had even more food, and alcohol. So after eating and not drinking I got in touch with some friends and we returned to the bar for some more drinks Followed by breakfast at the best greasy spoon in mercer county, Paxton’s. Then it was time yet again to pass out on my fathers couch.

This being Sunday now, I woke up and returned to Pittsburgh in time to scrimmage against Lokay’s team, we played at Frick park which is a nice ass park. After the game I went home napped, ate, napped, and that was the end of it. I sit here before you barely awake and sore as hell.

Well as far as the recap goes that’s the bulk of it right there for you to read. Now for the record im not an alcoholic, its just when im there I drink.

Chachi Says: Sometimes it’s good to recap a weekend like this. It helps you remember things that you may have forgotten when recounting the events.

Til Tommorow


*Lunchboxie believes he is black and constantly refers to me as wonder bread, white bread, cracka or honky. When he himself is whiter then I am.

** I Give Hancock a 7 out of ten, I wasn’t happy with the ending however the rest of the movie was hilariously awesome.


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