Friday 5

Well, As per usually I was out sucked into my think pad, sitting at my desk “working” when I stopped by twitter(you know that place right off of the corner of www. And .com avenues. No No, that’s the hot dog shop yea the other corner that’s the place im talking about.) So I stopped in there to see what was going on today and I noticed that both Mr. box ( and Ms. Papuga( had both stumbled over something that I found intriguing, fun, and and easy way to blog. I guess there is a blog at that post 5 questions per week. The blogger answers these questions and post them on his/her respective blog. And I being a bit lazy today and not quite sure what to Blog about………………………………………..Friday 5 it is. This weeks is entitled Midsummer Nights’ Dream. Enjoy!

1. What are some recurring dreams you’ve had?

I think a better question here are what are some dreams I haven’t had. I haven’t dreamt that I was a women or an astronaut*, I haven’t dreamt that I was an animal or living a normal dream. I have dreamt that I was in movies, falling, dying in some messed up adventures that usually don’t end before I wake up. To be honest that last one angers me the most, because for the most part im really enjoying the way events are unfolding and I would like to see the ending. Kind of like a really good movie that you have to leave because of an emergency.

2. What is the significance of dreams in telling you about yourself?

If I let my dreams tell me about myself, then I would most certainly have to lay off the peyote* or something. The dreams that I am able to remember when I wake up are usually so messed up that they would be rated R and directed by Tarantino or something. I usually end up running around solving mysteries in a more adult Sccoby Doo.*

3. How do you feel after you’ve had one of THOSE dreams?

After one of THOSE dreams…… wow, lil personal don’t you think? Friday 5 you are a dirty dirty blog!

4. What was the last dream you remember?

The last dream was a dooooooooooozie, I had spent all night at the bar with some friends on a trip and eventually passed out on my dads couch at 3:30 in the morning. I had this dream where I got into this fight with 14 guys in downtown Pittsburgh, survived, and ended up in this circus like prison system. The prison was kinda like a haunted house only fun. You walked from room to room experiencing all that the room had to offer and moved on. And as if that wasn’t awesome enough, they let you leave for 3 hours per day, as long as you were one of the first 50 to get in line. Entirely too messed up for me to analyze and research.

5. When did you last dream about something that later happened as you dreamt it?

This has never happened to me. It would be cool to sit here and make up a story and be like and then blah blah blah blah blah. But I feel that I should just answer and finish because some of these q’s I feel like ive just rambled on.

Chachi says: Sometimes its better to break what you normally do and just participate in something that’s much larger then yourself.

Til later


*By making this statement I in no way shape or form have anything against women. I was just using it as an example as to things I’ve never dreamt about. Oh yea astronauts are cool too.

** Drug free is the way to be, I’m not a drug addict but after some of these dreams I’ve had you would’ve thought I was tripping or something along those lines.


One Response to “Friday 5”

  1. Really? You’ve never had a dream that later happened? Happens to me all the time. It’s VERY freaky. Too bad it doesn’t help me stay out of whacked out situations, though. Like a dream warning me of a pukey alarm clock would have been FANTASTIC in time for yesterday morning. But no, instead I had a dream about cleaning up after the Bulldog. Hmm . . . maybe there was some symbolism there . . .

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