Friday 5

  1. What was the last meal that caused you to be ill?

Well Thankfully the last time I had actual food poisoning was when I was in high from some hole in the wall Mexican restaurant.* Everytime since then it was just an excuse because I didn’t want to go to work.

  1. Are there any places you never dine anymore because of a bad experience hours after the meal?

No, I can’t say that there is. I stay away from places I don’t fully trust, and if a place looks iffy but has a good review from someone I trust then I go anyhow.

  1. What’s your prescription for dealing with a food-caused illness? Copious amounts of sleep. Followed by more time in the bathroom and sleep. And finally I wrap it up it more sleep.
  2. When friends tell you about coming down with food-caused illnesses, do you avoid the places they name, or do you figure it’s a dice-roll wherever you go?

I tend not to go there then, I’m not looking to share in their enjoyable moments.

  1. After numerous citations, a very, very popular restaurant that you’re quite fond of is shut down by the health department until it can get everything up to code. When the health department gives the restaurant the o.k. to reopen, do you go?

Hells yes, if I have never had a problem with a restaurant then there is no need for me to stop going.

Chachi Says: Sometimes things move way to fast for you to have time to do something you really want to do. I’ll be back later with a real blog.


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