Chachi did what????

A. A. Blank

B. B. nada

C. C. Zip

D. D. Nothing

E. E. all of the above.

Which one of these is what Chachi saw when Chachi was trying to type a blog lately. The answer is E. (in case you didn’t already know. )

In Fact, it took Chachi twenty minutes to finish that intro to the blog. Pretty sad huh? Yea, That’s what he(Chachi) said also. Now, he is sitting at work engulfed in his company issued laptop. He is supposed to be doing company related activities with said lappy top. In Fact, in the last half hour. Chachi has done 5 minutes worth of work. He had to map a network drive. Tough stuff! Woot! Other then work, Chachi checked myspace, facebook, and 5 email addresses that were not work. So Chachi decided to find out how far he could get into a blog post before his phone rings.

So Chachi vs. Naderhead ’08 is finally over. Douchebag(naderhead) came up to me yesterday and said, I’m not even going to ask you again cause I know your going to say no and try to start a political argument. Here’s what Chachi finds funny about that statement. Never once has Chachi been the one to start the argument, Chachi’s responses are usually, “No, Chachi will not sign the petition because the he doesn’t believe that Nader’s ballot tactics were ethical. Thank you for asking though.” Now, had the guy been respectful of my wishes he would’ve then said thanks for your time and walked away. However he did not. The asshole then proceeded to tell Chachi, that he was the brainwashed asshole, for allowing the government to tell him who he had to vote for. Now asshole pissed Chachi off. The ballot does not say anywhere on it that we as Americans have to vote for those two people. There is a fill in the blank spot. And plenty of independent candidates. Are they going to win, no. But you as a registered voter can still say hey , Chachi didn’t vote for that guy. So douchebag continues his speech about how Chachi is a communist* and that Chachi wants the government to control every thought we have. Fuck Him, Chachi wins cause Chachi is not collecting signatures for a guy that cheated his way on the ballot.

So Next week will be a good week for Chachi-san, It’s sister week next week. And we are going to Warped Tour. Maybe Kennywood. Who Knows? Chachi Sure as hell doesn’t.

Chachi loves Tuesdays, but today just wont end!

Chachi Says: ha. Chachi told you he would do a blog post in this manner! He likes the attention sometimes and this style makes Chachi feel special!! Chachi also says that this is harder then he thought.


· It’s quite funny that the douchebag called Chachi a communist cause Sir box and Sir Tron called him one Sunday night. Maybe Chachi is communist. He will investigate this and get back to everyone.


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