FF and More!

So let’s start with the Friday 5 for this week and then move from there.

  1. When you go to the beach, lake, or pool, are you more likely to lower yourself gradually into cold water or to take a determined plunge and get it over with?

I usually just dive right in, the shock of the cold water is a great way to wake your system up.

  1. How is this like (or unlike) your approach to other tasks or ordeals?

Its very like me. Diving right in is my way of getting over the ordeal of learning or doing something.

  1. When someone gives you flowers, are you more likely to let them turn completely brown and gross before throwing them out, or to discard them the moment they take on that sick-flower look?

If I were to receive flowers which I have not. I would keep them until they dry up completely.

  1. How is this like (or unlike) your approach to other gifts, purchases, or relationships?

Sounds like everything else I do or have lmao.

  1. Think of your favorite movie (or a movie you really like, if you can’t think of a favorite). Some people say that the reasons you love your favorite movie are related to what you value in romantic relationships. How is this true or untrue in your case?

So if that statement is true then what I need in a relationship is a discussion about the innocent contractors killed in the destruction of the second death star. Hmm interesting theory I guess.

Now those are taken care of let’s see what is happening in my neck of the woods. So tomorrow is sister saturday. Which means today is rush home and clean friday so that she has a clean place to sleep and what not. im excited. cant wait.

I finally was able to watch The Dark Knight, and because i dont want to spoil it for others.
A. It was awesome. I loved every minute.
B. I know wish that Ledger wouldnt have offed himself because he was an amazing joker.
C. If Scarecrow, Joker and Two Face are this dark and Badass i cant wait to see the Riddler.

So i have decided that i love being in Oakland for work. This place is amazing, there is so much for me to watch going on everyday. Yesterday a Amateur Bmx’er Faceplanted trying to do a 360 when he could barely do a bunny hop. Today the poor guy in the park whose girlfriend decided they were done. ( I call this guy Klondike Guy, Cause he really neeeded a klondike bar. I just hopes he pays it forward.)

Now on to Mario the Homeless plumber.

Jeff Dye a hilarious comedian on this years season of Last Comic Standing brought up a few very good points as to why he thinks Mario is Homeless.

1. He is always in the same clothes.
2. We have never seen him plumb a damn thing.
3. He runs around collecting coins.
4. He Breaks Bricks with his head looking for shroomz.

Now look i love the italian plumber just as much as everyone else does but Mr. Dye may have a point here.

Chachi Says: Sometimes its the little things in life that truly touch a person and make them feel like everything is going to be ok. when this happens to you be sure to return the favor.



One Response to “FF and More!”

  1. Slight issues with your comments about Mario sirOn the Super Mario Bros Super show, not only do we see him plumbing, but his house, so he can’t be homelessAlso when mario jumps he doesn’t use his head his uses a fist extended upwards in he air….the shrooms thing is accurate though

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