Reality 101 and More

Reality 101 and More.


“Everyone has at least one “Junk Drawer” in their home where errant trinkets, broken bits of something, receipts, dodads, and whatnots find a home. Sometimes these things are tossed or shoved in the drawer because there’s no where else to put them. Sometimes they’re put there because you don’t want to lose whatever it is you’re stashing away, or you don’t want to forget it. Other times you want to keep it, but have no where in particular to put it. In any event, the items all share something–they’re important in some way to the owner of the drawer. They’re pieces of memories stashed away.

This week I want you to tell me who this woman is by what is in her “Junk Drawer.” Imagine that she went rifling through that drawer in a last ditch panic looking for her misplaced keys the morning this picture was taken, and she, instead, found something she had forgotten about. What was it that she found that is making her smile like that and changed her mood 180 degrees? (I assume I don’t have to say this, but, “and why”)”

Rushing to the door, Sara stops and realizes that she doesn’t have her keys. Frantically rushing through the house in attempt to hastily retrace her steps from the night before. God, why did I have that last drink she thinks as she is throwing open end table drawers, dresser drawers and although she wouldn’t ever put them in these places, Sara has an important meeting that she is going to be late for. She throws open the last drawer available and goes to close it but something catches her eye. In the corner of her eye as it was closing she sees a picture, 4 people with drinks smiling and having a good time in a crowded bar. And although she knows that its getting later and she still hasn’t found her keys. But looking at this picture with her and her friends on this night makes everything seem right in the world. As she looks at the picture, she glances up and there on the floor next to the chair where she set her purse the night before are her keys. Glinting and Shining with the sun. Had she not stopped to stare at this picture they would’ve remained there for another 10 minutes or so.

Other Stuffs;

So my job has been running ragged, working many many many hours. And making me very sleepy and angry irritated and everything else. The day of my birth was a terrible day here, so long and so incredibly busy that I didn’t really enjoy it all that much. Which is why I had a rain date set up for it. That Friday. A bunch of us went to games n’at in the slopes and played some games and drank some beer. And im thankful. To everyone that came out, Thank you! You have no idea how much it means. To those who couldn’t make I understand and the thought is truly what matters.

To the officer who told me my car was reported stolen heres a big ol chachi says F you sir!

Chachi says:

Sometimes you need escapes from reality other times you don’t. Here is both in one blog post. Enjoy

Peace see you tomorrow.


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