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NABLOPOMO Drunken Chachi Style….

Posted in Uncategorized on October 31, 2008 by chachisays

My Fellow Americans,

Today is the day that we start a Journey, a journey that some only take
once or twice a year. Others everyday.

Today is the day we start National Blog Post Month.

What does this mean for you?
This means that for the next 30 days, you get 30 post.
More Fun, More drama and much more venting. You get to hear what i have
to say on a guarenteed basis. You will know my thoughts and feelings
my sorrow, my joy, everything. All neatly and sometimes not neat at all.
As you can tell ive already begun to ramble however with the theme i chose
for this blog post that doesnt matter. Just be happy that im not making
up words just to fill space and sound smart.

I am not going to fill your head with empty promises i cannot keep
30 days and 30 post is all i can promise to you, my people. so as we
embark on this journey together here is a list of people and blogs that i
know are particapating in this month long event(for those of you i missed
please just get in touch with me and ill add you to the list.)

Dj Lunchbox –
Lyrique Tragedy –
That Night –
Burgh Baby –
Sorgatron –
Ms. Closkey –

(i would like to state that at this point in the blog im running on fumes and walked home from the closest provider of alcoholic beverages. i was also classmates with the bartender who is verrrrrry kind to out of town visitors. the fact that i can type this well is nothing short of a miracle. So as my energy and drunkness have mde* me forgetful so please just hit me and say hey you forgot me.)

so a few drinks ago i realized that a town that is this one, is supporting in my opinion the wrong candidate. Now the majority of the people that live here are lower middle class citizens who cant afford to go through a certain persons plans. this to me is strange and confusing, i wouldve thought that it would go the other way but eh who am i to judge.

Chachi Says: when the bartender puts another drink in front of you and doesnt take any money for it you have to keep drinking them and sneak out when they are not looking when you know you have had enough. By the way for my own Knowledge i parked at steph’s. Thats where my car is just in case i dont remember just twitter me.

Peace out

see you tommorow.

* this was the first visible to myself mistake that i made. i most liekly made a hell of alot more giving my state but eh who is counting.

By the way i posted this blog at 12:01 am saturday morning to count it as my first blog post of the 30.


Challenge Accepted.

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Happy Halloween everybody.

It’s Friday I love Fridays, not as much as Tuesday but still the love is there.

So today is the eve of NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo. Tomorrow bloggers and Authors across the interwebz will embark on a journey. BloPo is Blog Post and NoWri is Novel writing. You can learn more about them at. and respectively.

But the jest of this events is to write a blog a day for the entire month, 30 days 30 posts. And to write 4 pages a day for the month which by the end of you should have an unedited novel.

Now my friend Bloggy Mcbloggerson from Bloggingham forest aka Dj Lunchbox has issued This challenge . He has challenged me to Join him on this adventure of blog posting 30 days 30 Blogs.

O fellow blogger and friend, not only do I accept your challenge, I plan to exceed your challenge!

That’s right I will be participating in both this year! That’s right 30 blogs in 30 days, and a novel!

Plus that will take me over a hundred blog posts!

Chachi Says: Reach for the stars, and if you come down with a handful of cloud, your almost there!!!


See you tomorrow!

Fing Mondays

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i am not and have never been a fan of mondays, and until recently monday related events. I mean i used to watch raw religiously so we have had our brush mondays and i but we have never seen eye to eye on many things.

Here is a list of why i hate mondays

The weekend is over when you come.
which also means the week is just beginisaajklhlh(my cat beaver says hi as he plops himself down on my keyboard indicating that its time to pet him)

now that i have pleased him to the point that he is on my lap and not the keyboard lets continue.

You always seem to be the most busy and hectic day of the week.
You will never be as cool as your siblings tuesday and thursday.
You will never ever ever ever ever ever be as cool as Friday.

the only good thing about you is that you exist. Because if we did not have you then tuesday would be the new you and lets face it, Tuesday does not deserve that fate ever.

Now when you are right, and proven you are right, why must people tell you your wrong. i mean you can smack them in the face with a fish and if they are stubborn enough they will try to tell you that you smacked them with a dolphin which is a mammel. Don’t get me wrong. i can be a stubborn person however i know when im wrong and it does happen alot. Lets say for example. i fix a computer. i say what i did to fix the computer. Someone says im wrong. I reverse what i did to break the computer again and re fix it. Does that not say that i am right in saying that i knew what was wrong and fixed it? Not that it matters but i was right.

So here are some things to come….

New layout and design and location However if you change your bookmarks to your going to be fine.
Tuesday will bring about a new format to the You said what Tuesday.
Thursday will have a new old school gaming 101 segment in which i report back with my comments and success or failures on this weeks game, Snake Rattle and Roll.
Everything in between will be filled with other random thoughts and blog pieces….. why you may ask. well at podcamp a Ms. Closkey reminded everyone that November is National Blog Posting Month which you can get her thoughts on it. and you can go to, to find out all about it. so i will be starting with a new design and blog posts so i can prep for this yearly event.

Chachi says: People just like to argue it goes with their need to hear themselves talk. SHUT UP! Your wrong! Deal with it…. I aint Mad at cha monday we just arent right for each other. Its ok we will live normal lives not getting along.

until tomorrow…



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So today was day two of Pittsburgh Podcamp 3.

So what is it that i learned today. and unfortunately you do not want to read everything i learned today and i as much do not want to type everything that i learned today.

So in summation here is how today was… Freakin SWEET!

However here is what i want to know from you…

What makes you an expert in something? do you need a piece of paper to say that you are widely educated in said something?

The reason i ask is because today i had several conversations with lots of people. I wish i couldve had more with more people or longer ones with certain people.
However one sticks out more in my mind more then any others. Today i took a session run by John Carman(i got it right all by myself sir, no newspaper for me.) on wordpress. It was informative, educational and fun. I sat next to the great Chris Brogan and when it was over i told Chris that had a school offered a degree in social media when i was in college I wouldve taken it. I told him it would be nice to have a piece of paper to show that i am an “expert” in the subject. It’s entertaining and fun in a nerdy way. i enjoy learning and participating in these types of things.

Now i see people like Chris and Justin doing consultant type work for companies that want to expand to use these methods and i smile. I smile because im happy that these guys are able to go out and do that something to which they both enjoy as a living. Now dont get me wrong but i love my job. However if i could do something like it would be fun.

Do i have the drive to do this no, but i take my hats off to those who do.

I enjoyed everything this weekend i dont consider myself an expect in these matters, do i know more then the average person about these items. That i can say yes to. Do i plan on continuing to learn about these things thats an even bigger yes.

Chachi Says: Why do you care if your an expert in something or not. The only person it matters to is you. If you know more about something then the average person about a subject then yes you too are an expert.

Until tomorrow


Huh, so this is life.

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Podcamp oh POdcamp.

What a fun and glorious time to be had by the social media-ites of the steel city and beyond.

There is alot of great sessions at this un-conference that allow you to grow and learn.

I am home and relaxing in my chair(yes, i said my chair. I found said chair and got said chair making it my chair.) as i am typing i am redownloading and installing World of warcraft* and typing up this blog.

Today i learned a bunch so much so that i took notes as to not lose any of the information should i not be able to retain some of it. It started at nine for check in and opening sessions. It was good to see alot of people whom time and schedule normally prevents me from seeing. I spent alot of of quality time with a bunch of people. bunch. And not just people, great people. People that love this city so much that they spend most of their time trying to figure out what they can do to make it better not just for themselves but for everyone all through using social media and media in general. Good Good People.

I’ve also realized that i am truely blessed to know some of the people that i know and can call friends. I am truely blessed to have the job that i have. Now there are a few things missing that im not sure if i want to go into here. Just dont know if im comfortable enough talking about it. But i do know that some things are going to change in my life for the better. There are certain things that i want to do and certain things im going to change. Now all of these things are going to improve the way i live my life and help me in ways i can only imagine.

Now in some ways people could interperet that to mean that I have finally decided to grow up. In some ways yes i’ve decided that it’s time to look at things differently and grow up. In other ways that people would determine child like, im not going to grow up. I like goofing around with my friends… I like playing video games… i like staying up later then i should… these things are not going to change at all. its just not something that i feel is something that impacts me in a negative way. If people dont like the fact that i do these things then im not so sure i need those people. Because although i like to do those things does not mean that i cannot turn them off and have an itelligent conversation.

Now that thats out of me i fell good about my life so far and feel that i can only do better.

Chachi Says: Who knows why we do the things we do when we do them. Who knows why things turn out the way they do. Who knows when someone realizes that its time to make some changes. however what i do, is that we are in control of our lives, choices are presented and it is up to us to decide what is right for us to do.

until next time


Podcamping and more!

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It’s the night before podcamp and there’s not a sound to be had

Just the clatter of keyboards up in the lab

The name tags all lined up on the table with care

Plenty of water for all theres no need to share

When from down the hall arouse such a clatter

It’s the mayhem guys, theres nothing the matter

Closkey and Carmen are hiding and scheming

Sessions so hot the windows are steaming

Jennie and Missy are teaching the noobs

Plenty of vids to be put up on you tube

Everywhere you go theres blogging and casting

Plenty of food so no need for fasting

You call us nerds and that maybe true

Just Stop by you may learn something new

We are business by day but party by night

Happy Podcamp to all, I expect blogs tonight!

So now that has been said as you may know that PCPGH3 is this weekend at AIP. It is something that everyone should check out. Sessions galore put on more then qualified people. It is very educational and a ton of extreme fun.

So yesterday I was suppose to post a new segment on my blog called Old School Gaming 101.

Where I attempt to be a classic game that was hard to beat as a kid or I couldn’t beat as a kid. Just to see if it is still as hard or not.

This weeks game was Legend of Zelda, now this game was hard enough as a kid and I crushed it then. Now recently I felt the urge to go back and not only beat the Legend of Zelda but beat the Master Quest of the game. Now for those of you who don’t know, if you put your name in as Zelda at the create an account screen it makes the game a ton harder then it already was. They change just about everything they can. They up the bad guy difficulty, change the layout of the inside of the dungeons. Hell they even change where the dungeons are. So now your playing what basically is a new game. Same Story, Same Missions. But 99% harder. They hit you with everything they can as soon as they can. Now the first game first time I beat it. Took me a month. Now I was 7 and had to fight my dad for control of the system but I did it. I made Ganon my lil bitch. I wish I could say the same this time. This run through took me a dedicated 4-5 hours a night for a week to beat this in the time limit I gave myself. And I didn’t even come close to the level of ownage on ganon that I once had. It was a good fight, in which I came up the winner and had the pleasure of seeing Link hold up the triforce in triumph. Ah, the good old days. Where games were extremely hard and we loved them for it. I can honestly say that because of those games I am a better gamer today.

Next weeks game at the suggestion of Doc Remedy of is Snake Rattle and Roll.

Stay tuned.

Chachi Says: sometimes you gotta love what you do and do what you love. Either way itll be fun.


You said what????? Tuesday.

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Welcome to Chachi Says!

You picked a hell of a day to stop by also because today is You said what??? Tuesday!

So since this is a new feature lets just go into a bit of what I am expecting from you today.

Remember back in the day, you would get these activity books and in those books would be fill in the blank stories also called mad libs. Well what if you could participate in one of those on someone’s blog…….Guess what you can NOW!!! So grab your notepads and fill in the blanks as you fill in my day.

Today was a (insert adjective here) day. I woke up late thanks to my (insert random item here). I got to work and prepared myself for what was to come. Eventually calls started coming in. Although today I was not accused of(insert action word) of any fonts. Kinda sad actually because I was looking forward to dealing with (adjective here) Librarians. I was however told that I am one of the ( adjective) people that (verb here) in the support center. I did however manage to (verb here) some really (adjective) (noun here ) which made it an alright day. Today we had our biweekly Munchkin Lunch break. Twice a week a few guys from the office get together and (insert non perverted verbs) this card game. It’s a (insert adjective) game that really anyone can play.

Chachi Says: That not every day can be a (insert adjective) day. Sometimes they just (insert verb) by.

Now just post that on your blog and leave a comment and ill swing by and check them out!!!!

Well I hoped you play again and enjoy the game! Next weeks should be more fun!