This blog is coming to you live from bfe, ohio aka Richfield, Oh.

This Howard Johnson Hotel is something of that straight out of a horror movie, we pull into the parking lot and drive past this very nice looking very well lit up Holiday Inn Express, and into the not so well lit Howard Johnson. Now I’ve seen a ton of a horror movies so this strikes me as a very dangerous situation to be in. So I check in, Jeff(he of crap fame) and I get to the room, I lock the door. He checks everything out to make sure there isn’t a serial killer hiding anywhere and then we settle in.

So I was done talking about the trashy hotel until the blog break I took to get something to drink. I walked down the row to the vending area, an ice machine and a soda machine that was barely functioning. I went to put money in only to find out that someone had left money in the machine.(Score! So I think) I go to make my selection and unfortunately the only functioning button on the machine is the diet pepsi. Grrrrrr. Oh well.

So now that I have that out of the way let discuss the rest of the not so bright trip and even some of the bright parts. So I wake up this morning and im laying in bed relaxing listening to the new T.I. album(which I recommend if your into rap he does a song sampling the numa numa song of youtube fat guy dancing fame) so as im laying there before I get up to do a few errands before departing at ten I get a text message. This text message from my cohort in Nerdz eatin shroomz(www.nerdzeatinshroomz.com im never above the shameless plug come on you know better then that.) This text message stating that he isn’t going now(two hours before we are suppose to leave.) He was up puking all night. So I had remake the set. And call and let everyone know that things have changed. Then I run my errands and depart my city to pick up Jeff. We hit the road on the not bad at all road trip and arrive at the convention. I get the tour from the guys and I relax a bit before Will(he of thoughtriot.com wrestlingmayhemshow.com and www.myspace.com/emceelb fame.) and i take the stage for our set. We do a decent job minus the few mistakes that we made and covered well with some pointless banter and conversation. But the crowd seemed to like it and that’s all that matters.

We take a break and chill at the booth playing video games and talking with the zombies(
they of braaaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnsss fame) next to us. I bought a new ring its cool and my nerdiness was fond of it. It’s a stainless steel Alliance ring in reference to W.O.W (game of addicting nature.) so I came away with some good things. We then head to the Crap show and watch them put on a great performance.

Will and I then hit the pool for some relaxation.

We hit the pool and the hot tub for a bit. Then dried off and that’s when I decided that Jeff and I should go check into our hotel for the evening. We originally had planned to return to the con after checking in. but due to some directional problems and being afraid to leave the room until morning(you know because of zombies and vampires and crack head stabbings) we crashed for the evening. The following morning jeff and I left the hell hole Ho jo in search of some holy Dennys breakfast. We did find one and it was old guy biker day.

Unfortunately or us, it was a long breakfast of staring at our food in order to escape looking at the old guys in leather pants. One of them I honestly could not tell if the wrinkles were in the pants themselves or his skin. That right there was enough to make me not want to visit that particular part of ohio ever ever ever fucking ever again.

So day of the fest took place at the booth, I decided to do my part and man the sales booth with Lunchboxer. Well after a bit of Nintendo I put up a sign that said free conversations and the proceeded to talk to every single person that walked by. Except the 5 evil people that ignored the fact that I existed. Fuck you people!!!!!!!

So after another performance and people laughing because of the bickering we did on stage we returned to the booth and played Nintendo while watching movies and harassing everybody in sight.

Over all it was a fun trip and ive learned a few things that will be touched upon a little bit later.

As you can tell this blog was not entirely done in ohio as it is Friday of the next week and I am just now finishing it up. However I am promising a fun filled full week of blogs next week and every week from this point forward. Also coming up in the weeks to come is two new segments. On Tuesdays I will introduce a new segment called You said what ? Tuesday. And on Thursday we will have That was Hard Thursday. Tuesday’s blog will be an mad lib type deal where I blog and leave out certain nouns, verbs and adjectives for you to fill in and post. Kinda create your own blog deal. And Thursday is a review of Nintendo games that I had a rough time with as a kid. Im going to go back and revisit them and complete them.

So that’s what is going on in the world of me.

Chachi Says: Although something doesn’t turn out the way you expect it too there are always an upside to it all. What I learned from the trip: people aren’t always as reliable. Old men should not wear leather pants. Ohio loves Jesus. And You as a performer are a lot better then you thought. Especially when people who are more popular then you are reading their material from paper during a performance.

Thanks for Reading



2 Responses to “WOOOOOHOOOOO”

  1. So when are you checking into another HoJo?

  2. Yes, Ohio does love Jesus. Another reason to escape… Shauna and I are (jokingly) celebrating Hanukkah this year, since that’s when I’ll be home. My mother will love it.Uhh yeah, I miss you. Hope all is well!!

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